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SWS UK is a leading British manufacturer of physical security products with a reputation for innovation and unrivalled customer service. Established in 1985 and operating from Lancaster premises.   With a vast industry knowledge not only are they credited with the development of new products they are also responsible for ensuring our current range is the best it can possibly be.

SECEUROSHIELD  -  The SeceuroShield range has been developed to provide an architecturally acceptable answer to the growing need for vandalism and burglary protection on domestic and commercial property.  SeceuroShield is pleased to be the most comprehensive range of shutters, retractable gates and window bars available within the physical security industry.

  • SeceuroSheild 1500
  • SeceuroSheild 3800
  • SeceuroSheild 6000
  • SeceuroShield 7500
  • SeceuroSheild 7700
  • SeceuroSheild 8000
  • SeceuroSheild 9000

SECEUROGUARD  -  Elegant good looks with a heart of steel - the SeceuroGuard retractable security gate system combines a classic appearance with the highest level of protection, ideal for your home or workplace.   The emphasis behind our range of gate designs is on integration into your building and way of life; unobtrusive, attractive and easy to use.    When not in use these retractable gates are surprisingly unobtrusive. Fitted to the door or window surround, they can disappear neatly behind curtains or blinds.

  • SeceuroGuard 1000 Retractable Security Gates
  • SeceuroGuard 1001 Retractable Security Gates