Acoustic Steel Doors

Understanding Acoustic Steel Doors

Acoustic steel doors are specifically designed to provide superior sound insulation, making them an essential choice for environments where noise control is critical. These doors are engineered to reduce noise transmission significantly, ensuring that sound levels are maintained within acceptable limits both inside and outside the designated area. Acoustic steel doors are ideal for use in various settings such as recording studios, cinemas, nightclubs, and industrial facilities where controlling noise pollution is paramount.

One of the standout products in our range is the Acoustic Door. This door offers certified noise reduction capabilities ranging from 41dB to 56dB, depending on the specific version chosen. The door's leaf is constructed from high-tensile galvanised steel sheeting, with an internal insulation layer that effectively dampens sound. Available in multiple thicknesses (75mm or 100mm), the Acousticdor can be customised to meet specific acoustic requirements, making it a versatile solution for diverse applications.

In addition to their soundproofing capabilities, acoustic steel doors also offer robust security features. The Acousticdor, for instance, includes double-walled door leaves, secure frames, and a double-seal system that enhances both its acoustic and security performance. These doors are also compliant with EN ISO 140-3 standards, ensuring they meet the highest quality and performance criteria.

Why Choose Acoustic Rated Doors from Security Direct?

When it comes to selecting acoustic rated doors, Security Direct stands out for our commitment to quality, customisation, and customer satisfaction. Our acoustic doors are meticulously engineered to provide exceptional noise control, security, and durability. By choosing our products, you are investing in doors that not only meet but exceed industry standards for sound insulation and security.

We offer a variety of acoustic rated doors to suit different needs. The Acoustidor range is our flagship product, available in four versions: 41dB, 47dB, 53dB, and 56dB. Each version is tailored to provide the exact level of sound insulation required for your specific application. For environments needing fire resistance alongside sound insulation, we offer options that combine these features, providing a comprehensive solution for safety and noise control. Additionally, our doors can be powder-coated in any RAL color and fitted with various types of hardware to match your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Our doors are not only high-performing but also come with a range of customisation options. From different frame types, including corner frames and block frames, to various threshold options depending on whether you need sound insulation or waterproofing, we ensure that our doors fit perfectly into your specific environment. Each door also comes with a five-year construction warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of long-term performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Acoustic Rated Steel Doors

1. What are acoustic rated steel doors? Acoustic rated steel doors are specialised doors designed to reduce noise transmission. They are built with materials and construction techniques that provide high levels of sound insulation, making them suitable for environments where noise control is essential.

2. How do acoustic doors reduce noise? Acoustic doors reduce noise through a combination of dense materials and insulation layers that dampen sound vibrations. The Acousticdor, for example, uses double-walled galvanized steel sheets and internal insulation to achieve noise reduction ratings up to 56dB.

3. Can acoustic doors be customised? Yes, our acoustic doors can be customised to meet specific requirements. Options include different sound insulation levels, frame types, threshold types, and a wide range of RAL colors for the powder-coated finish.

4. Are there fire-rated acoustic doors available? Yes, we offer fire-rated acoustic doors that provide both sound insulation and fire resistance. These doors are ideal for environments where both noise control and fire safety are critical.

5. What is the lead time for ordering acoustic doors? The lead time for our acoustic doors is typically 15-20 days, subject to manufacturing and stock availability. This ensures that you receive your high-quality doors promptly and can proceed with your projects without delay.