Buy Now, Pay Later Options

Why Choose Security Direct's Buy Now, Pay Later?

At Security Direct, we understand the need for flexibility in managing finances. Our "Buy Now, Pay Later" options provide convenient and secure payment methods tailored to both businesses and individuals. Partnering with Iwoca, PayPal, and Klarna, we ensure reliable and hassle-free payment solutions that fit your needs. Trust us for quality products and seamless financial services.

IwocaPay for Business Customers


  • Flexible Payment Terms: Pay invoices over 90 days.
  • Simple Application: Fast approval process.
  • Interest-Free: No interest if paid within 30 days.

Application Process:

  • Sign Up: Register your business with Iwoca.
  • Approval: Quick credit check and approval.
  • Payment: Select IwocaPay at checkout.

For more information see our IWOCA page.

Iwoca Pay

PayPal Pay in 3 for Personal Customers


  • Three Payments: Split purchases into three equal payments.
  • Interest-Free: No interest or fees if payments are on time.
  • Instant Approval: Quick decision at checkout.

Application Process:

  • Choose PayPal: Select PayPal at checkout.
  • Pay in 3: Opt for "Pay in 3" installment option.
  • Approval: Instant decision and payment split into three.

For more information see our PayPal Pay in 3 page.


Klarna Pay for Personal Customers


  • Pay in 3: Split cost into three interest-free payments.
  • Pay in 30: Pay the full amount within 30 days.
  • Flexible Payments: Manage payments via the Klarna app.

Application Process:

  • Select Klarna: Choose Klarna at checkout.
  • Payment Option: Pick Pay in 3 or Pay in 30.
  • Confirmation: Provide necessary details for approval.

For more information see our Klarna page.

Pay with Klarna