Fire Rated Shutters

Fire rated shutters are an essential safety feature for buildings that require protection from fire and smoke.

Fire-rated shutters, also known as fire shutters or fire doors, play a critical role in fire safety and containment within buildings. These specialised shutters are designed to compartmentalise spaces and prevent the rapid spread of fire and smoke.

Our fire-rated shutters are constructed from fire-resistant materials such as steel, they are rigorously tested and certified to withstand intense heat and flames for a specific period of time.

What are Fire Rated Shutters?

Fire-rated shutters are an essential safety feature for buildings that require protection from fire and smoke. These shutters are designed to prevent the spread of flames and smoke, which can quickly engulf a building and cause extensive damage. Fire-rated shutters are constructed from special materials that are able to withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire.

They are also equipped with advanced fire detection and suppression systems that can quickly detect the presence of fire and automatically activate the shutter. Fire-rated shutters are available in a range of sizes and designs to suit different types of buildings and applications. They are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings, such as warehouses, factories, and retail stores, as well as in residential properties. Fire-rated shutters provide an effective means of protecting property, occupants, and first responders in the event of a fire. By installing fire-rated shutters, building owners can help to prevent the spread of fire and reduce the risk of damage and injury.

Similar to fire shutters, fire curtains are used as effective fire protection solutions for buildings. The difference between fire curtains and fire-rated shutters is that fire shutters are structural barriers made of steel, whereas a fire curtain is a flexible, protective barrier made from fabric that can be hidden away until needed.

We tend to see fire curtains used in reception counters, kitchen serveries, lifts and open-plan residential areas, whereas we would typically see fire-rated shutters used in more industrial settings. No matter which fire-rated product you opt for, it’s important to ensure you carry out all the correct checks. Find out more about what fire-rated product checks are required on our blog.

For those considering installation options, we have a comprehensive guide comparing our Professional Roller Shutter Installation Service with DIY Supply Only solutions. This guide includes in-depth insights on the pros and cons of each approach, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your
requirements. Discover more about these options and decide which path suits you best by reading our detailed comparison.

What are the benefits of Fire Rated Shutters?

Fire-rated shutters offer several critical benefits for fire safety and building protection:

Fire Containment: The primary function of fire-rated shutters is to compartmentalise areas within a building, preventing the rapid spread of fire and smoke. This containment can help control the fire's growth and limit damage.

Life Safety: Fire-rated shutters provide crucial time for building occupants to evacuate safely during a fire. By slowing down the fire's progression, these shutters contribute to saving lives.

Property Protection: These shutters can help protect valuable assets, equipment, and inventory within a building by preventing the spread of fire and reducing damage.

Compliance with Building Codes: Many building codes and regulations require the installation of fire-rated shutters in specific applications, such as fire exits, kitchens, or areas containing flammable materials. Compliance with these codes is essential for building safety and legal requirements.

Insurance Benefits: Installing fire-rated shutters can sometimes lead to reduced insurance premiums, as they demonstrate a commitment to fire safety, which may lower the risk of significant property damage during a fire.

Reliability: All of our shutters are rigorously tested and certified to withstand high temperatures and flames for specified durations, ensuring their reliability in critical fire scenarios.

In summary, fire-rated shutters are a crucial component of fire protection systems, offering life-saving benefits, property protection, and compliance with building codes. Their installation is a prudent measure for enhancing fire safety and minimising the potential impact of fires on both people and property.

Why buy Fire Rated Shutters from Security Direct?

A fire can cause devastation and completely destroy your entire property and everything within it. But, did you know that shutters can protect your commercial and industrial premises from this, by providing an effective barrier against the spread of fire?

Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters have been independently tested and certified by Exova to Fire Standards BS476 and BS EN 1634. The fire shutters are certified to 1hr, 2hr, and 4 depending on your fire strategy. The advantage of a fire shutter is that it can be used on a daily basis as a security shutter.

The compact Fire Shutter is ideal for smaller openings when a compact shutter box is required. For larger openings, we have industrial fire shutters that will span up to 12m wide. The fire shutters can be activated by an independent Heat Detector, Fire Alarm or Fusible link, depending on the site requirements.

The fire curtains are manufactured using a kevlar fabric curtain and designed to be in the up position at all times and only lowers on fire alarm activation. The curtains have been independently tested and certified by Exova to Fire Standards BS476 and BS EN 1634.

We also have a Smoke and Fire curtain which is designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke. The fire curtains are usually wired into the fire alarm system.

Call our sales team today, with your requirements and we can help specify a solution to meet your fire requirements and budget.

Top 5 Questions asked when buying fire shutters.

1. What fire rating do I need for my fire rated shutter?
The required fire rating will depend on local building codes and regulations. You should consult with a qualified professional to determine the appropriate fire rating for your building.

2. What materials are used to make the fire rated shutter?

The fire rated shutter is typically made of steel.

3. How do I install the fire rated shutter?

The installation process will depend on the specific model of the shutter you purchase. However, in general, installation involves attaching the shutter to the opening using brackets, and then securing it in place with screws. You should also make sure that the surrounding wall is properly fire rated.

4. How do I operate the fire rated shutter?

The fire rated servery roller shutter operated electrically using a motor. The fire shutter must automatically close in a fire situation, so is either connected to a fire alarm, independent heat detector or fusible link.

5. How do I maintain the fire rated shutter?
The fire rated shutter requires minimal maintenance. You should clean it regularly with a mild detergent and water to remove dirt and grime. You should also inspect the shutter periodically to ensure that it is free of damage and functioning properly. Additionally, you should have the shutter inspected by a qualified professional on a regular basis to ensure that it is still in compliance with local fire codes and regulations.

These are just a few examples of the questions that people may have when considering purchasing fire rated shutters. Other factors to consider may include the cost, the level of insulation provided, and the overall aesthetic appearance of the shutters. It's important to do your research and ask any questions you may have to ensure that you choose the right roller shutters for your business needs.

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