Steel Doors

Steel doors are a type of door primarily recognized for their strength, durability, and security.

What are Steel Doors?

Steel doors are a type of door primarily recognized for their strength, durability, and security. They are constructed from heavy-duty steel, often galvanized or stainless, which is typically layered over a core of insulation. The outer shell is usually treated to resist corrosion, rust, and other damage from the elements. Steel doors can be found in various applications, including commercial, industrial, and residential settings. They can be custom-fitted and designed to meet specific aesthetic requirements and can often include features such as fire resistance, enhanced security measures, and energy efficiency. Steel doors are low-maintenance, highly durable, and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for many different environments.

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Why buy Steel Doors from Security Direct?

Steel doors come in various types to serve a variety of functions, and each type has its unique features:

Personnel Doors: These are the standard, most common types of steel doors, designed for daily use by people in residential and commercial settings. They can be simple, secure access points or embellished with glass panes and other aesthetic features.

Fire Exit Doors: These steel doors are specially designed to be used as emergency exits. They are equipped with panic bars or crash bars, which allow people to exit quickly and easily during emergencies. These doors are fire-resistant and built to withstand high temperatures, slowing the spread of fire and providing safe egress.

Louvered Doors: These steel doors have slatted, angled openings (louvers) which allow for ventilation while still providing security and privacy. They are commonly used in boiler rooms and storage areas where constant airflow is needed, or in areas that require visual privacy but not sound insulation.

Communal Entrance Doors: These are heavy-duty, secure steel doors typically found in shared residential or commercial buildings. They are designed to provide secure access to the building for residents or authorized personnel, while preventing unauthorized entry. They can be paired with entry systems, like intercoms or key card systems.

Each of these door types can come in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing them to fit seamlessly into different architectural and design contexts. It's essential to select the right type of door based on the specific needs and requirements of the space where it will be installed.

Top 5 Questions asked when buying a Steel Door

Question 1: What is the level of security provided by the steel door?

: Steel doors are one of the most secure options on the market. They are difficult to breach due to their solid construction and can also come with additional security features like multi-point locking systems.

Question 2: How resistant is the door to environmental factors like weather and fire?

Answer: Steel doors have excellent resistance to environmental factors. They can withstand severe weather conditions and are often rust and corrosion-resistant. Additionally, many steel doors have fire-resistant properties, and they can be specifically designed to slow the spread of fire.

Question 3: What type of insulation does the steel door provide?

: Steel doors typically have a core of insulating material which provides excellent thermal efficiency, helping to keep heat in during winter and out during summer. This can lead to energy savings.

Question 4: What is the maintenance required for a steel door?

: Steel doors require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional touch-ups for scratches to prevent rust are typically all that's needed. Additionally, hinges and locks may need periodic lubrication.

Question 5: Can the steel door be customized to fit my home or building's aesthetics?

: Yes, steel doors can be customized in various ways. They can be painted or coated in different colors, can have different types of panels or windows, and can come in various styles to match the aesthetics of your home or building.

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