Security Rated Steel Doors

These doors are tested and certified by independent third-party organizations, such as the LPCB LPS1175 to ensure that they meet strict security standards.

What are Security Rated Steel Doors?

Security rated steel doors are doors that have been specifically designed and manufactured to meet certain security standards and ratings. These doors are tested and certified by independent third-party organizations, such as the LPCB LPS1175 to ensure that they meet strict security standards. Security rated steel doors are typically made from high-quality steel and feature advanced locking mechanisms, reinforced frames, and hinges to resist break-ins and forced entry. The doors are rated based on their ability to withstand different types of attacks, including physical force, drilling, cutting, and picking. The ratings range from basic to high security, with the highest rating providing the most protection against attempted break-ins. Security rated steel doors are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, such as banks, government buildings, and data centers, where high-level security is required. These doors offer peace of mind, knowing that the property is protected by a door that has been thoroughly tested and certified to meet the highest security standards.

For those considering installation options, we have a comprehensive guide comparing our Professional Security Rated Doors Installation Service with DIY Supply Only solutions. This guide includes in-depth insights on the pros and cons of each approach, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your requirements. Discover more about these options and decide which path suits you best by reading our detailed comparison.

Why buy Security Rated Steel Doors from Security Direct?

When doors are required to provide the very best level of protection, our High Security Steel Doors offer the best solution, giving the customer peace of mind.

The Security Direct range of High Security Steel Doors have been tested by the LPCB to LPS 1175 - Levels 1-6 (Issue 7) and Categories A-F (Issue 8). These security doors are Secured By Design, which is the preferred specification of Insurance and the Police.

Level 1 is the lowest rating, commonly used by schools and universities, and awarded after a door has been proven able to withstand sustained damage from hand tools - like screwdrivers - for ten minutes. Level 6 is the maximum, assessed after being attacked by a selection of high powered tools for 30 minutes. These are used by banks, police stations and the Ministry of Defence installations.

If you would like to read more information on the LPS1175 Security Testing and Tools - CLICK HERE

Our security rated doors are tested with a range of Entry, Panic and Electronic Locking Systems, Glazing Panels and even Louvred panels. We can also provide our security doors, fire rated up to 6hrs depending on the specification.

Call our sales team today, with your requirements and we can help specify a solution to meet your requirements and budget.

Top 5 Questions asked when buying a security rated steel door.

1. What is the door's security rating?

Answer: The security rating of a steel security door is determined by independent third-party organizations, such as the Loss Prevention Council to LPS1175. The rating indicates the level of protection the door provides against attempted break-ins and forced entry.

2. What type of steel is used in the door?

Answer: The type of steel used in security rated doors can vary, but it is typically a high-quality steel designed to resist physical attacks and forced entry.

3. What type of locking mechanism is included with the door?

Answer: Security rated steel doors typically come with advanced locking mechanisms, such as multi-point locking systems, deadbolts, and keyless entry systems. It is important to choose a locking mechanism that provides adequate security for your needs.

4. What is the door's fire rating?

Answer: Steel security rated doors can have different fire ratings, depending on the specification and the model. It is important to choose a door with a fire rating that meets your local building codes and safety requirements.

5. What is the door's warranty?

Answer: The warranty on security rated steel doors can vary depending on the manufacturer and the model. Look for doors with at least a one-year warranty, and consider purchasing an extended warranty for added protection. Additionally, make sure to ask about any maintenance or servicing requirements to keep the door in good condition over time.

These are just a few examples of the questions that people may have when considering purchasing security rated steel doors. Other factors to consider may include the cost, the level of insulation provided, and the overall aesthetic appearance of the shutters. It's important to do your research and ask any questions you may have to ensure that you choose the right roller shutters for your needs.

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