LPCB - LPS1175 Attack Testing

LPCB - LPS1175 Attack Testing

LPS 1175 Security Ratings Explained

What is LPS 1175?

Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 is one of the ratings used by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to categorise how long it would take an intruder to breach physical security measures such as security grilles, shutters and doors.

LPS 1175 testing measures how long it would take an attacker to gain forcible entry to a building through the product under test, and what sort of tools they would need. The resulting security ratings help anyone planning to purchase a security product to make an appropriate choice, based on their property’s location, the likely attackers and the tools they would have at their disposal - from opportunistic, easily-concealed items like a screwdriver to a large, noisy battery-powered tool used as part of a planned attack.

Issue 7 of security certification standard LPS 1175 range from LPS 1175 SR1, which deter an opportunist attack by a physical force using minimal tools, to LPS 1175 SR8, which would deter an extremely forced entry attempt, using heavy-duty tools and methods short of explosives, firearms or vehicles.

In January 2019, these security standards were extended to a more fluid categorisation system which includes a wide range of threat scenarios. LPS 1175 Issue 8 classifications are formed of two elements:

1. Threat level: Letter (A to H) corresponding with the tool kit used to evaluate the product’s intruder resistance and number of attackers involved.

2. Delay: Numeric value (1,3,5,10,15 or 20) corresponding with the minimum delay (in minutes) provided by the product when placed in a locked condition.

The Issue 8 classifications recognise the importance of strategic delay in deterring an attack. It recognises that is possible to layer security to achieve a higher overall security classification, or to select a product to match a property’s likely attack scenario. Delay might be the most important factor in deterring opportunistic attacks on a property in a busy city centre street, for example.

The table below demonstrates the scope of classifications available and shows how they correspond with the single digit classifications (SR1 to SR8) used in LPS 1175: Issue 7:

At Security Direct, we provide Security Rated Steel Doors, Security Grilles and Roller Shutters which have been independently tested by the LPCB to LPS 1175 Issue 8 Security Levels 1-4. These are Secured By Design, which is the preferred specification of insurance and the police.


A tested and rated LPS 1175 door, grille or shutter is recognised by insurers, which leads to lower insurance premiums. They are a cost-effective business security investment and deliver the peace of mind that improved onsite security brings, helping to physically secure staff, property and business equipment against theft, criminal damage and environmental damage.


The LPS 1175 test is carried out by the LPCB, which is part of the Building Research Establishment (BRE) – the globally-recognised body which sets and monitors building industry standards. The LPCB test incorporates the associated hardware with any product, such as frames and fixings.

Experienced testers use a specified range of tools to try and breach the sample product within a set time. Results list the toolkit used, whether the product resisted the maximum time testers actually spent attacking it, as well as the total duration of the simulated attack - allowing for time to think, change tool batteries etc. Only products which withstand attack during the maximum times allowed are classified as reaching that Security Rating (SR) level.


An LPS 1175 Security Rating 1 is based on low domestic risk and low commercial risk. It categorises the product as deterring an opportunist attack by bodily physical force, using easily concealed tools from the Category A toolbox (below).¹

Toolkit A

• Adhesive tape reel, 75mm wide

• 1 Cable cutter – 200mm long

• 1 Cargo strap (from a selection), 25mm wide with cam buckle

• 1 Electric cable (single core) 1.2mm diameter wide/1m long

• 1 Engineers hook (from a selection)

• 1 Firefighter’s key

• 1 reel of Fishing line (eg polypropylene multi fibre), plus 1 fishing hook from a selection

• 1 Flexible plastic coupon

• 1 Glass cutter

• 1 Hexagon wrench (from a selection) 200mm long

• 1 Knife – blade 125mm long x 3mm thick

• 1 Lever (including nail pullers, prybars and utility bars) – 300mm long/0.7kg

• 1 Pliers (selection, including self-gripping and cutting) – 200mm long

• 1 Punches (selection, including flat and pointed tipped. 200mm long

• Rope, non-metallic, 20mm diameter

• 1 screwdriver – 6.5mm diameter/square x 200mm long

• Scriber (selection), 200mm long

• Socket/screwdriver set – 150mm long ratchet arm

• Spanners – selection 150mm long

• 2 Traction screws – 5.5mm diameter x 60mm long (may include carbon steel, single and twin start versions with choice of two varieties of thread/tip: deep thread and gimlet point; and self-tapping thread with drill point)

• 1 Tweezers (selection)

• 1 Universal key

• 3mm diameter Wire (selection)

• WD40 – 400ml

• 6 Wood/plastic wedges, 200mm long x 50mm wide

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LPS 1175 Security Rating 2 is based on medium domestic risk and lower commercial risk. Products in this category are rated as deterring a more determined opportunistic attack by bodily physical force, using tools with a higher mechanical advantage from Toolkit B (below)¹.

Toolkit B

Tools from category A plus:

• 1 Bolt cutter – 350mm long

• 1 Claw hammer – 350mm long/1kg

• 1 Drill/driver 3.6V complete with drill bit adaptor and spare battery

• 1 Drill bit (6mm diameter jobber – HSS/HSCO/Masonry)

• 1 Electric cable (single core), 2.1mm diameter wide/ 1m long

• 1 Junior hacksaw plus 2 HSS blades

• 1 Metal plate shears – 200mm long

• 1 Multiple slip joint pliers – 250mm long

• 1 Pipe wrench - 250mm long

• 1 Pliers (from a selection, including self-gripping) – 250mm long

• 1 Ratchet strap (from a selection), 25mm wide with 200mm long ratchet mechanism

• 1 Screwdriver – 7mm diameter/square x 250mm long

• 1 Screwdriver – 14mm diameter/square x 400mm long

• 1 Socket set (from a selection) – 250mm long ratchet arm

• 1 Tube – 50mm outer diameter with 4mm wall thickness x 300mm long

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LPS 1175 Rating 3 is based on low commercial risk. Products certified to this level of security provide resistance to deliberate forced entry of well-protected premises using bodily force and a wide selection of attack options from Toolkit C (below) ¹.

Toolkit C

Tools from toolkits A and B plus:

• 1 Axe -350mm long/1.5kg

• 1 Bolt cutter – 400mm long

• 1 Brick bolster - 250mm long x 75mm wide blade

• 2 Cold chisels - 250mm long x 28mm wide blade

• 1 Crowbar -700mm long/2.5kg

• 1 Drill (cordless with rotary action only) - 12V with spare power pack

• 1 Drill bit (10mm diameter jobber - HSS/HSCO/Masonry)

• Fluorocarbon based freeze spray – 400ml

• 1 Gas torch (Butane/Propane) – 175g

• 1 Hacksaw plus 2 HSS/bimetal blades

• 1 Hammer – 300mm long/1.8 kg

• 1 Pad saw plus 2 HSS/bimetal blades

• 1 Scissor jack - 1500kg capacity, 100mm minimum retracted, 200mm stroke

• 1 Wood chisel - 250mm long x 25mm wide blade

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LPS 1175 Rating 4 is based on medium commercial risk. Products certified to this level provide resistance to experienced and determined attempts at forced entry using a wide range of hand tools and battery power tools, with disregard for noise created. Testers used tools from Toolkit D (below) ¹.

Toolkit D

Tools from toolkits A, B and C plus:

• 1 ‘A-tool’ lock puller – 500mm long

• Maximum 2x 12V Batteries may be used with each 12V battery powered tool

• 1 Bolt cutter – 500mm long

• 1 Drill, cordless, with hammer/percussion setting – 12V

• 5 Drill bits (10mm diameter jobber – HSS/HSCO/Masonry/Tungsten Carbide)

• 1 Felling/fire axe – 900mm long/4.5kg

• 1 General purpose saw – 750mm long

• 1 Hole saw – 50mm diameter

• 1 Hooligan bar – 760mm long/5kg

• 1 Jigsaw, cordless – 12V with 3 HSS/HSCO/Carbide blades

• 1 ‘K-tool’ lock remover

• 1 Plate shears – 300mm long

• 1 Sledgehammer – 900mm long/4.5kg

• 10 Steel wedges – 150mm long x 50mm wide

• 1 Tube – 75mm outer diameter with 6mm wall thickness x 500mm long

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¹ Toolkits listed are LPS 1175 Issue 8, which has minor changes to the Issue 7 toolboxes, taking into account a reevaluation of portable powered and petrol driven tools and drill bits, the number of tools used and their combined weight.