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Security Doors - LPS1175 Security Level 4

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Based on 800mm x 1900mm

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Key Product Features

Door Type

Available as Single or Double Dorsets

Security Rated

LPS 1175 Security Level 4

Acoustic Rating

Est 35dB


Galvanised Steel

Locking Hardware

Personnel, Fire Exit

Louvred Options

Up to 400mm x 400mm

Standard Finish

Range of 150 Stocked Colours

Lead Times

18-24 working days

Why use the LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR4 Steel Security Doors?

Choosing LPS1175 Level 4 Security Rated Steel Doors from Security Direct is a decisive step towards ensuring unparalleled protection for high-security environments. Our Securidor+ S4 doors are specifically designed to withstand aggressive attacks from heavy-duty tools such as felling axes and disc grinders. Certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to LPS 1175 SR4, these doors are ideal for use in the Ministry of Defence, banks, schools, utility buildings, sub-stations, and Home Office approved gun rooms, providing exceptional security where it is needed most.

The construction of our LPS1175 Level 4 Security Rated Steel Doors is of the highest quality, ensuring both durability and strength. Each door leaf is 45mm thick, comprising 1.5mm steel on both the inner and outer faces, with an integral astragal lip on the closing edge. This robust design makes the door extremely resilient to forced entry attempts, weighing approximately 80kg per square meter. The welded frames, reinforced at hinges, lock keeps, and fixing points, add an extra layer of security, ensuring the door remains secure even under intense pressure.

Our SR4 Steel doors offer a vast array of customization options to suit specific security needs. With over 100 locking options available, including single and multi-point bolting, you can choose the hardware that best fits your requirements. Options include personnel, panic, and escape hardware, all of which comply with BS EN 179 standards. Additionally, the doors are available in a wide range of powder-coated finishes from our RAL and BS color selections, allowing you to match them seamlessly with the existing aesthetics of your building.

Furthermore, our LPS1175 Level 4 Security Rated Steel Doors are designed with practical features to enhance their functionality. They include standard thresholds that fit securely under the door, and optional certified louvres up to 400mm square for ventilation without compromising security. These doors also offer an acoustic rating of approximately 35dB, making them suitable for environments where noise reduction is important. The doors can be installed in reinforced brickwork, blockwork, concrete, or structural steelwork, ensuring they fit a variety of substrates and applications.

In summary, Security Direct’s LPS1175 Level 4 Security Rated Steel Doors provide unmatched security, customisation, and durability. Certified to the highest standards for forced entry resistance, these doors are the ultimate choice for protecting high-value and high-risk areas. Trust Security Direct to deliver doors that combine cutting-edge security features with aesthetic flexibility, ensuring your property remains safe and secure.


The welded frame is made from reinforced 1.5mm galvanised steel and a 38mm x 100mm single rebated profile. It is reinforced at hinges, lock keeps and fixing points.

Manufactured from 1.5mm galvanised attack face steel with 1.5mm inner face, the composite door leaf is 51mm thick with astragal lip to the closing edge. It weighs approximately 80kg per square meter.

Key Features
The range is certified to LPS1175 SR4, and fitted with extreme heavy duty hinges complete with 2 integral dog bolts per hinge. Constructed to resist attack from high powered cordless tools, felling axes, disk grinders, jigsaws etc.

Certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to LPS 1175 SR1 Issue 7 Cert/LPCB Ref. 1542a .

Leading face fits under the door.

Choice of personnel, panic and escape hardware, with over 100 locking options available - including single and multi-point bolting. All escape hardware complies with BS EN 179. A full list of compliant hardware can be found at .

Wide choice of finishes available including powder coated finish from our range of RAL or BS colours.

Optional Extras
Certified Louvres available up to 400mm square.

Suitable Substrate
Reinforced brickwork/blockwork, reinforced concrete or structural steelwork.
Minimum Fixing Size - M12

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