Meet the Team


Matthew Yeo

Managing Director

Matthew Yeo, the Managing Director of Security Direct, is a seasoned professional in the security industry with over 25 years of experience. His journey began in his father's security company, where he developed a strong foundation and passion for the industry.

Matthew's expertise lies in marketing and information technology, which have been instrumental in scaling the business. One of his notable achievements includes managing a £1.5 million project in Leeds in 2000, where he played a crucial role in securing properties that had fallen victim to burglaries.

Outside of work, Matthew is an avid practitioner and teacher of the Wim Hof Method. He is deeply invested in cold water swimming and holistic therapies, and often takes time off to attend and host retreats. His interest in wellness extends to his leadership style, where he emphasizes a work-life balance and a culture of wellness within the company.


Alex Yeo

Installation Director

Alex Yeo, the middle brother among the directors, brings a unique perspective to the company. His background as a professionally trained chef and his experience in running family hotels have equipped him with a diverse skill set. Alex joined Security Direct in 2010, initially to install security products.

His exceptional skills and dedication earned him high regard among industry engineers. In 2022, Alex transitioned to managing installations at Security Direct, further demonstrating his versatility and commitment to the company.

When he's not at work, Alex enjoys playing polo, a passion he has pursued for over 15 years. His love for sports and the outdoors speaks to his active, hands-on approach both at work and in his personal life.


Ollie Yeo

Sales Director

Ollie Yeo, the youngest of the three brothers, started his career with RBS, where he honed his customer service skills. In 2010, he brought these skills to Security Direct, joining the company to develop and manage sales.

As the head of the sales team, Ollie has been instrumental in driving the company's growth and customer relationships. His background in customer service ensures that clients' needs remain at the forefront of Security Direct's operations.

In his free time, Ollie loves spending time with his dog, Coco. An outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys exploring nature and going for long walks. This love for the outdoors mirrors his approach to work: open, exploratory, and always ready to take on new challenges.


Customer Relationship Team


I’m Michael, I’ve worked for Security Direct for 10 years in numerous roles from being on the road installing, to my current role within the sales office. My time and experience within the company mean I bring a great deal of practical knowledge to the role which helps greatly when establishing customers’ needs and preparing quotes.

I am a proud Dad to my lovely daughter Lucy who is currently at Leeds University studying for her Master’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking, travelling and I am also a keen cyclist – a hobby which is not only sociable but allows me to keep fit too. I am proud of my cycling achievements and currently run a local cycling group which I hope to develop and grow over the coming years.


I’m Jeanette, I work in the Sales team and I am just entering my second year with the company. I have a strong background in direct sales roles and love matching the customer to the correct product.

I am happily married to Steve and we have recently expanded our family with the addition of our joyful 7-month-old spaniel, Brock.

I am passionate about essential oils and enjoy experimenting with these in my spare time, creating blends for my friends and colleagues. I also play golf, enjoy scuba diving (although perhaps in the warmer waters of my native South Africa) and exploring the wonderful places that the UK has to offer.

This year I hope to grow my interest in oils further and will be hosting my own workshop!


I’m Laura, I work in the Sales and Customer Relationship team. My background is in account management with a strong focus on customer service and I thoroughly enjoy building relationships with customers and providing a positive all-round experience.

I am a proud Mum of two amazing boys aged 8 and 12 – we also have Jessie, our wonderful 4-year-old Staffie-Boxer cross.

My interests include a love of all things rock and heavy metal, playing badminton, walking in the countryside, jaffa-cakes and Vinted.

One of my proudest achievements, children aside, is achieving a degree and then a Master’s Degree in Mental Health whilst working and raising my children.
I enjoy a challenge and plan on climbing the three peaks this year!



I’m Elise, I am the installations administrator at Security Direct and the most recent addition to the team. My background is in planning and logistics - I enjoy keeping busy and my varied role here means that no two days are the same!

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my 18-year-old son, and I am passionate about fitness. Over the past year, I have developed a love of boxing, and I am proud to say that my charity fights have so far allowed me to raise over £900 for Cancer Research UK.

In my spare time I also enjoy reading, walking in the countryside and travelling – this year I aim to tick a few more countries off my list!

Four Legged Team Members

(Head of Security)

(Head of Barketing)

(CEO of Enthusiastic Licks)

(VP of Pawsitive Relations)

(Lead Tail Wagging Technician)

(Chief Cuddle Officer)

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