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SeceuroGlide Excel Roller Garage Doors - LPS1175 Security Level 1

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Based on 2000mm x 2000mm

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Key Product Features



Product Rating

LPS1175 Security Level 1



Lath Types


Electric Operation

Single Phase - Tube Motor

Max Width

5400mm (Depending on Height)

Max Height

3850mm (Depending on Width)

Box and Guides - Standard Finish

White, Brown, Black

Curtain - Standard Finish

18 paint or wood-effect finishes and over 40 textured wood grain finishes

Lead Times

7-10 working days

Why use the SeceuroGlide Excel Roller Garage Door?

There are plenty of benefits to opting for the SeceuroGlide Excel garage door, including:

Unrivalled Security: The unique reinforced design of the SeceuroGlide Excel not only enabled it to become the most advanced roller garage door on the market, but the first garage door of any kind to successfully complete independent testing recognised on a national level. If proven protection and security is a priority, there is no better choice than the SeceuroGlide Excel.

Proven Protection: As per the Metropolitan Police, burglars often target sheds and garages first to access tools needed for house break-ins. With SeceuroGlide Excel, you invest in proven protection for your car and home, making it the optimal choice for security-conscious homeowners.

Secured By Design Accreditation: The Excel not only upholds the Secured By Design accreditation of the original SeceuroGlide but surpasses it by meeting the higher specifications set by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board). This distinction places it at the forefront of advanced roller garage doors available in the market.

Aesthetic Customisation: Choose from a palette of eighteen paint or wood-effect finishes and over forty textured woodgrain finishes to seamlessly integrate the SeceuroGlide Excel with your home's aesthetic. Elevate your curb appeal while prioritising security.

Convenient Features: Each door comes standard with a SeceuroSense receiver featuring a built-in courtesy light, two key fobs, an optical safety edge, and an internal manual override. These features add convenience to the overall security package.

Electric Roller Garage Doors at Competitive Prices: Invest in peace of mind without breaking the bank. Our roller garage door prices are competitive, ensuring that superior security is within reach for every homeowner. Speak to one of our security specialists to find out more information.

What is the SeceuroGlide Excel Roller Garage Door?

Security is a very serious consideration for all homeowners. According to British Crime Survey figures released by the Home Office, there were an estimated 650,000 domestic burglaries carried out in England and Wales in 2016/2017. Not only is your garage door often one of the easiest ways to break into your home, but it usually houses high value items that are easy for an intruder to steal and sell.

For security without compromise, look no further than the SeceuroGlide Excel insulated roller garage door. A product for the security conscious homeowner, SeceuroGlide Excel adds the highest available security specification to the benefits of the original SeceuroGlide to create the most advanced roller garage door on the market.


The first roller garage door to be independently tested and approved.

Did you know? According to the Metropolitan police, many burglars will target the garage on your property before your home. Not only is your garage often easier to access, but it's probably where you store high-value items. Items that are easy for an intruder to steal and sell.

To protect your valuables and stop burglars in their tracks, there is no better choice than the industry’s most secure garage door, the SeceuroGlide Excel.

As well as being awarded Secured by Design (SBD) status, the Excel has also been independently tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). The LPCB tested the SeceuroGlide Excel in a series of timed attacks, replicating methods often used by burglars. The Excel was the first roller garage doors to pass the test, and achieved the higher security rating level; LPS1175 SR1.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking robust security means a compromise on SeceuroGlide’s good looks. The unique design of the Excel cleverly hides all the security-enhancing features within the mechanics of the door, meaning your door will be as stylish as it is secure.

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Video on how to measure your face fixed roller garage door.

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