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Key Considerations When Purchasing Steel Security Doors

14th March 2024

Understanding Security Standards

When it comes to steel security doors, various standards measure the level of security they provide. Among the most notable are LPS1175, PAS 24, LPS2081, and STS202. Each of these standards assesses different aspects of a door's security, from its resistance to forced entry to its durability under attack.

For an in-depth comparison and understanding of these accreditations and the tools used in testing, please refer to our detailed blog post "Understanding Security Ratings for Roller Shutter and Steel Security Doors".

Balancing Security Level, Risk, and Cost

Level of Security vs. Risk: The first step in choosing a steel security door is to assess the level of security needed based on the risk. The security level is typically indicated by ratings such as SR1, SR2, SR3, and SR4. The higher the level, the more robust the door, but remember, as security levels increase, so do your options decrease, and prices increase significantly.

Cost Considerations: Be prepared for the price jump with each security level; for example, an SR1 rated door may cost around £1000, while an SR2 might be £2000, escalating up to £4000 for an SR4. These are approximate costs for a single door and can vary based on additional features and specifications.

Value of Goods Protected: Evaluate the value of the items or information being secured behind the door. Higher-value assets might justify the expenditure on a higher-rated door.

Risk Assessment: Consider the potential risks your property faces. This can include factors like the crime rate in your area or specific threats to your property.

Insurance Requirements: Some insurance companies have specific requirements for security doors, especially in commercial settings. Check with your insurer to ensure compliance and maintain coverage.

Fire Requirements: If the door needs to provide a level of fire resistance, ensure that the door you choose meets the necessary fire safety standards in addition to security standards.

Hardware Options: The type of lock, handle, and additional hardware can significantly affect the door's security. Decide if you need Entry, Panic or Electronic hardware.

Installation and Structure: The structure where the door will be installed plays a critical role. High-security doors require appropriate fixings and a supporting structure that won't undermine their integrity. A single SR4 Door can weigh up to 250KGS!


  1. Match the Level of Security to the Level of Risk: Assess the specific needs of your premises to avoid over or under-securing your property.
  2. Budget Wisely: Understand that higher security levels come with higher costs. Plan your budget to accommodate the appropriate level without unnecessary expenditure.
  3. Compliance and Requirements: Ensure the door meets all necessary standards and requirements, from security ratings to fire safety and insurance stipulations.
  4. Consider All Factors: From the value of the protected assets to the installation environment, every detail can influence the effectiveness of your security door.
  5. Consult with Professionals: If in doubt, contact us, we are here to help. They can provide valuable insight into the best type of door for your specific needs.

Investing in the right steel security door is a crucial step in safeguarding your assets. By considering the factors outlined in this guide, you can make an informed decision that balances cost, security, and compliance to provide optimal protection for your property.

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