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Understanding Security Ratings for Roller Shutter and Steel Security Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

5th March 2024

Understanding Security Ratings for Roller Shutter and Steel Security Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's world, the importance of securing premises cannot be overstated. Whether it's a commercial property, an industrial site, or a residential area, the choice of roller shutter doors and steel security doors plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety and peace of mind. In this blog post, we'll explore the different security ratings for roller shutter and steel security doors, focusing on LPS1175 Issue 7 and Issue 8, PAS24, LPS2081, and STS202. We'll delve into each testing accreditation, its objectives, the various levels, the tools used in testing, and the products we offer that meet these stringent standards.

LPS1175 Issue 7 and Issue 8 Security Ratings

Description and Aim: LPS1175 (Loss Prevention Standard) is a specification issued by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) that focuses on the physical security and resistance to unauthorised access of building components, including doors and shutters. Issue 7 includes a simple Level 1-4 and Issue 8 are the latest editions, with Issue 8 introducing more detailed classification levels (from A1 to H6) representing different attack tools and time frames.

Levels and Tools: The levels range from A1 (least secure, with tools like screwdrivers and pliers for a maximum of 1 minute) to H6 (most secure, with tools such as power drills and angle grinders for over 20 minutes). You can read more about the LPS1175 Attack Testing.

Accredited Products: Our range includes roller shutters, industrial doors and steel security doors accredited to various levels of LPS1175, ensuring robust protection tailored to your needs.

PAS24 Security Rating

Description and Aim: PAS24 is a standard designed to enhance the security of doors and windows in buildings. It is aimed at providing a minimum security requirement to deter the opportunistic intruder by using a standard set of tools.

Levels and Tools: The testing involves rigorous procedures, including manual attack methods, hard and soft body impact tests, and mechanical assessments.

Accredited Products: We offer a variety of steel security doors that meet the PAS24 standards, ensuring your property remains secure against attempts of forced entry.

LPS2081 Security Rating

Description and Aim: LPS2081 is a standard that addresses the resistance to burglary of building components, strong-points, security enclosures, and free-standing barriers. It is specifically designed to prevent crimes where the intruder uses stealth to gain entry without drawing attention.

Levels and Tools: There are two levels, A and B, with B being the higher. Level B involves testing with tools capable of creating noise like those used in LPS1175 but with a focus on silent entry.

Accredited Products: Our LPS2081 accredited products include the Slimline Fully Glazed Door System that offer silent resistance against intrusion, suitable for areas where noise would attract attention.

STS202 Security Rating

Description and Aim: STS202 (Security Technical Standard) is aimed at measuring the resistance of security products to physical attack. This rating is crucial for environments that require a high level of security against experienced attackers.

Levels and Tools: The standard categorizes the resistance based on the types of tools used and the duration of the attack, similar to the LPS1175 standards but with different classifications.

Accredited Products: Our Slimline Fully Glazed door system adheres to STS202 standards, offering superior protection against physical attacks.


In conclusion, understanding the different security ratings and the specific requirements each one entails can significantly impact the effectiveness of your security measures. By choosing products that meet these rigorous standards, you can enhance the safety and security of your premises. Explore our range of accredited roller shutter doors and steel security doors to find the perfect solution that meets these high-security standards. If you are looking for a security tested product and have any questions, then please contact our sales team.

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