Glass Rooms: Modern Elegance for Your Outdoor Space

Skyline Glass Room

Transform your patio or garden into a stylish, functional space with our premium glass rooms. Combining sleek design with practical features, our glass rooms offer the perfect solution for year-round outdoor enjoyment.

Benefits of Glass Rooms

  • Year-Round Use: Enjoy your outdoor space in any weather
  • Enhanced Property Value: Increase your home’s market appeal
  • Comfort and Style: Modern design with practical features

Enhance your outdoor living experience with our luxurious glass rooms. Contact us today to design the perfect addition to your home.

Types of Glass Rooms

QUBE Skyline

  • Dimensions: Width up to 610 cm, Depth 450 cm, Height 300 cm
  • Features: Fully retractable slats for an unobstructed sky view

    Skyline Glass Room


  • Dimensions: Width up to 700 cm, Depth 550 cm, Height 300 cm
  • Features: Largest slat roof, versatile design

    Qube Plus


  • Dimensions: Width 650 cm, Depth 450 cm, Height 300 cm
  • Features: Simple, down-to-earth design

    Qube 23


  • Dimensions: Width 550 cm, Depth 400 cm, Height 300 cm
  • Features: Entry-level model, slim silhouette

    Qube 19

Customisation Options


  • Integrated LED lighting for ambiance and functionality

Control Systems

  • Radio control for easy operation of slats

Weather Sensors

  • Automatic adjustment based on weather conditions

Additional Features

  • Sliding, angled, and fixed glass panels
  • Custom dimensions, colors, and designs to fit your needs