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Spare Parts

Security Direct are a market leader when it comes to Spare parts for Roller Shutters, Sectional Doors, Steel Doors and Security Grilles.   Whether its a replacement electrical switch, roller shutter motor, remote control handset, shutter laths, guide channels, door hinges and grille locks, we can usually get these spares delivered to you in a few working days.   Call our Sales Team today.

  • ROLLER SHUTTERS SPARES -   Tube Motors, Industrial Motors, Aluminum Laths, Steel Laths, "T" and "L" Rails, Hangers, Guide Rails, Endplates, Shutter Hood and Facias, Switches, Remote Control Units, Fire Panels, Battery Backups, Bearings, Anti Drop Brakes, Locks.

  • SECTIONAL DOOR PARTS  -  Sectional Door Panels, Door Seals, Brackets, Rollers, Springs, Locks, Drums and Cables, Bearing Plates, Brake Devices and Tracks.

  • STEEL DOOR PARTS -  Hinges, Locks, Seals, Glazing Panels, Louver Panels

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