Vision Commercial Shutters

Vision commercial shutters are a type of security shutter that provides both protection and visibility for commercial properties.

What are Vision Commercial Shutters?

Vision commercial shutters are a type of security shutter that provides both protection and visibility for commercial properties. These shutters are made from a combination of solid metal slats and transparent polycarbonate panels, which allow natural light into the building while still providing a barrier against intruders and other types of criminal activity. Vision commercial shutters are popular in areas where security is important but visibility is also desired, such as retail stores, shopping centers, and restaurants. They can be customized to fit the specific needs of each business, with options for different colors, sizes, and locking mechanisms. They are also designed to be easy to operate, with options for manual or motorized opening and closing. Overall, vision commercial shutters are a versatile and effective solution for businesses looking to enhance the security of their property while still maintaining visibility and natural light.

Why buy Commercial Vision Shutters from Security Direct?

Do you want to protect your business when closed, but want some light through the shutters? Don't want the Solid looking shutters to affect the look of your building? Vision Shutters could be the answer.

Our Vision Roller Shutters are manufactured from Steel and Aluminium, this will depend on the size and security required. These shutters can be fitted internally or externally, depending on the application and site requirements. There are 3 types of vision roller shutters; -Perforated Vision Roller Shutters (Small holes providing 18% Vision), Punched (Slots providing up to 58% vision) and Grille (Port Cullis providing up to 80% vision).

For higher security applications we also have some Vision Commercial Shutters that have been independently tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 Security Levels 1 - 3. These shutters are Secured By Design which is the Police and Insurance preferred specifications, so may reduce your premiums!!

The vision shutters are available in a large range of BS or RAL colours to match your company branding. We have a large range of shutter controls from Individual operation, Remote Control, Group operation or can be integrated into your building management system.

Call our sales team today, with your requirements and we can help specify a solution to meet your requirements and budget.

Top 5 Questions asked when buying commercial vision roller shutters.

When buying commercial vision roller shutters, some of the top questions that people often ask include:

1. What materials are the shutters made of? Are they constructed from high-quality materials such as aluminum?

Roller shutters are manufactured from Steel or Aluminium.

  • Steel Shutters - These tend to be more cost-effective and go up to very large sizes.
  • Aluminium Shutters - These usually are stronger as the slats are extruded (Twin Walled), guides and box sizes are smaller and aluminium doesn't rust

2. What level of visibility do the shutters provide? Are they suitable for commercial spaces where visibility is important?

Our range of commercial vision shutters provide up to 80% vision. The more vision provided the less secure the roller shutter. There are 3 types of vision shutters; Perforated (Small Holes), Punched (Slots) and Grille (Brickbond).

3. How are the shutters installed? Are they installed in a way that prevents unauthorized removal or tampering?

Roller shutters can be installed internally or externally. It is normally more secure to fit security shutters internally, as they are less accessible to attack. Most fixings are hidden when the roller shutter is in the down position. Some fixings are anti tampering and other fixings can be covered to prevent tampering.

4. Can the shutters be customized to fit specific openings or requirements, such as curved or angled surfaces?

Commercial roller shutters are custom-made to suit your openings and requirements. You have a large choice of solid or vision slats, controls and colours.

5. Are there any additional features or options available, such as manual or automatic operation, locking systems, or insulation properties?

Yes, you have the choice of Manual or Electric operation. Manual shutters are restricted to certain sizes. Most electric roller shutters have the option of different controls, including Remote Control, Access Control, Keypads and Phone App Controls. Additional mechanical locks can be added to most shutters. The insulated commercial shutters provide heat and sound insulation.

These are just a few examples of the questions that people may have when considering purchasing commercial vision roller shutters. Other factors to consider may include the cost, the level of insulation provided, and the overall aesthetic appearance of the shutters. It's important to do your research and ask any questions you may have to ensure that you choose the right roller shutters for your business needs and to ensure the safety and security of your property.

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