Sliding Security Doors

Sliding Security Doors

We get enquiries for "Sliding Security Doors", but what are customers really looking for?

Sliding Security Grilles - We have a range of retractable security grilles for windows and doors. These are fitted internally and fold back to the sides when not in use. We have a large range to suit most types of openings, including Fire Exit Door Grille and Trackless Barrier Systems.

Sliding Roller Shutters - The only horizontal sliding roller shutter is for Domestic Garage Doors. The Vertico Garage Door is basically a roller shutter operating on its side and it used when there is limited headroom in garages.

Sliding Shutters - These shutters are similar to a Bi Folding Door. They are fitted internally and run on a top track and can span up to 30+ meters wide. The vertical panels are available Solid, Perforated, Brickbond or Polycarbonate Windows. The other advantage of this product is that it can go around corners and stack into a cupboard.

Sliding Security Grilles

Do you want to protect a doorway from the inside? Do you want to secure a window, but don't want fixed prison bars? Retractable security grilles and sliding security doors could be your solution.

At Security Direct, we specialise in all types of retractable and folding security grilles . These sliding security doors provide a valuable extra layer of protection for windows, doors and other entrance or exit areas which might otherwise be too easily accessed by unwanted intruders. Our range of security grilles meets today's modern demands for aesthetics, reliability, and safety. Our models are available to fit internally inside doors and windows, or externally. View our selection of grilles below, which range in terms of the level of security - including police approved models - and price. Our products are available as supply only, or we can provide an installation service.

For higher security applications we have some that have been independently tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 Security Levels 1 - 3. These grilles are Secured By Design which is the Police and Insurance preferred specifications, so may reduce your premiums!!

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Sliding Roller Shutters

The Vertico side sliding garage door offers a unique and stylish solution for any garage design, making the most of your garage space and creating a design feature for your home. Vertico is made from aluminium foam filled slats which link together to ensure exceptionally smooth operation and insulation. This makes the Vertico an ideal choice for heated garages and workshops. The vertical design offers partial opening ensuring minimal heat-loss and provides a convenient solution for pedestrian or bicycle access.

Perfect for confined spaces - The neat design only requires a very small amount of headroom. The Vertico Garage Door is fitted with a motor, radio remote control and obstacle detection device offering the ultimate in convenience and safety.

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Sliding Shutters

Need to cover a wide shop front opening? Not enough headroom for a roller shutter? Sliding shutters could provide you with a secure solution.

With no floor tracks required, the lightweight sliding shutters are suspended from a continuous overhead track and are manually operated in a slide-aside action. They do not require removable mullions or fixed posts as all components, including locking mechanisms, are integral. Ideal for kiosks, bars, split height receptions and countertops.

Available in twelve different designs each sliding shutter can be manufactured to fit any shape, curve or profile with a minimum radius of 356mm achievable. They can be supplied in any length and up to 4200mm high.

The sliding shutters are manufactured using Solid aluminium panels, but we do have a range of Sliding Shutters which provide various levels of vision. Solid (No Vision), Perforated (Small holes providing 18% Vision), Grille (Tube and Link providing up to 80% vision) and Polycarbonate (providing 90% vision).

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