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Trackless Retractable Barrier

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Galvanised Steel

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Why choose the Trackless Retractable Barrier?

The Trackless Barrier System is a fully customisable barrier system and can cover any width of opening. The barrier can be fully removable, can be secured to the wall for more permanent applications or individual barriers can be linked together to form a continuous line. The barrier system is ideal for Loading Bay Doors, when the doors are left open for ventilation, but a barrier is required to stop unauthorised access. Used in Shopping Centres to close off areas or provide a free standard barrier to surround stalls. The trackless barriers can also be used for Safety Barriers or cordoning off areas in factories or warehouses.

The Barrier System uses the Diamond Door folding Grilles, which are then fixed to a "T" or "L" Trolley. The Diamond grilles are available ex stock and in a range of standard widths, 1000mm up to 1950mm. The standard height of the diamond grilles is 2000mm high, but smaller and larger heights are available, depending on the application. The trollies come in a standard height of 2000mm and include a Shootbolt into the floor which can be used for added security. The Trackless Barrier Grilles and Trollies are supplied loose for site assembly.

The trackless barrier grilles and trollies are Electro Galvanised and powder coated white as standard. The barriers can be Hot Dipped Galvanised or Powder Coated another colour, but will significantly increase lead times.


The Mobile Trackless barrier system is a simple, but effective way of restricting access / cordoning off areas - such as quarantine areas / Liquor stores /Factory entrances / exits etc, yet still allowing visual sight beyond the barrier and free flow of air in heated areas or on hot weather days.

Single Sash Barrier System - Fixed One End - Lock the other End This shows 3 x Grilles and 3 x “T Trolleys. The LH grilles which has the Butt hinges is fixed to the wall. The RH grille has a T trolley fitted, which is the leading edge of the barrier and will lock on the other side of the opening.

Double Sash Barrier System
- Fixed at both Ends - Lock in the middle This shows 4 x Grilles and 4 x “T” Trolleys. The two end grilles are fixed to the walls using the Butt hinges. The two “T” trolleys in the middle, will close together and lock using the L205 slam lock.

FREE STANDING Barrier System - Locks at both ends This shows 4 x Grilles and 5 x “T” Trolleys. Each diamond grille has a “T” trolley fitted at each end. The barriers can be held into position using the dropbolts into the floor. For added security, the L205 lock can be used at each end to secure the barriers.

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