Security Grille Buying Guide

Security Grille Buying Guide

Looking to buy a Security Grille? Don't know where to start?

You are in the right place! Hopefully, this guide will answer any questions and help you select the right product for the application.



When selecting your security grille, it is important to think about Health and Safety. Is the security grille installed safely? Could children trap their fingers or heads in the grille? Is the security grille fitted over a Fire escape? Does the security grille have any sharp edges? Could anyone trip over the tracks? These questions are part of the risk assessment which the end user must do on site.


When you are installing security grilles over an opening, it is important to think about fire safety. Could the opening be used as a Fire Escape? If it could be a fire escape then you wouldn’t install fixed security grilles externally, as you can open or remove them in the event of a fire.

If you do have to fit security grilles over a fire escape opening, then we would always recommend fitting a retractable security grille. At least you can unlock this and fold it back to the sides, so you can escape. We can install thumb turn locks, but these are a security hazard, as burglars could easily put their hand through the grilles to open it. We suggest that you fit a break glass behind the curtain and leave a key inside. If there is a fire, you don’t want to be looking for a key in a room full of smoke.


Some installations particularly when fitted externally may be subject to Planning Permission. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain all consents before the product is installed. Every local planning department is different, so it is best to call them and get advice. We have known councils, to make customers removes the


Under the Health and Safety Act 1974, Shutters and Doors are classed as machinery. All owners/managers of premises, including homeowners, have a duty of care to persons who may be affected by doors and gates on their premises. In the event of loss or injury caused by an unsafe gate or door, the injured party may be able to sue in a civil court to recover damages. Insurance cover is available for such risks, but may be prejudiced if the owner/manager has failed to maintain a door or gate to a reasonable standard.

Employers and the self-employed are additionally liable to criminal prosecution under health and safety law if unsafe doors and gates exist on premises under their control; this could include landlords, managing agents and facilities managers.

Why do you require a Security Grille?

Security Grilles can be fitted over many types of openings, not just Doors, and Windows. The reason why Security Grilles are installed;

Visual Barrier

This could be SecurityGrilles fitted Internal or Externally. These will provide a visual deterrent to thieves and will usually deter them as it requires a lot of effort. Usually the opportunist thief is carrying a screwdriver and they want to be in and out very quick, they certainly don’t want the hassle and effort to break through a Grille. Depending on the Security Risk, a Visual Deterrent is usually enough.

Security of Property

When the priority is Security then it comes down to budget. The higher the Security you require, the more money you pay for the Grille. When Security is a priority it is always more secure to fit the Grilles on the inside rather than the outside. Anything fitted externally is more vulnerable to attack as the fixings are more accessible and they can attack the grille without breaking any glass or activating any alarms. We have Grilles that have been tested and certified by the Insurance Companies. Sometimes Insurance Companies may specify a certain security level. The higher the level the longer it would take to break through the grille and the more advanced tools would be required.

Protection against Vandalism

Usually, Window Mesh is fitted externally to prevent windows and glass from being vandalised. The Window Mesh comes in different types starting with the basic weldmesh which is cost effective and would stop bricks. We then have a Perforated Mesh that has smaller holes and would stop smaller projectiles ie; stones and air pellets. We also have a Polycarbonate Window Shield that is 100% clear, it’s an expensive option but protects against many projectiles.

Do I fit the security grille internally or externally?

Most security grilles can be fitted internally or externally. Where possible it is always more secure to fit them internally, which is what the Police and Insurance companies recommend. If a security grille is fitted internally, the fixings are less accessible and they have to break the glass before they attack the grille. Usually, the alarm is going if the glass has been broken. They then have to break through a grille, with broken glass and an alarm going off. This makes it harder for them and will slow them down.

If the security grilles are fitted externally, then the fixings are more accessible. The grilles are more vulnerable top attacks, as they can spend as much times as they like, without breaking any glass and setting off any alarms. The grille is open to the elements and the life of the product will be reduced.

What are the security grilles manufactured from?

All Security Grilles are manufactured from Steel. The Thicknesses of the steel depends on the product, but the general rule is that the thicker the steel the stronger the product. Normally the Grilles fitted internally would be Powder Coated for aesthetics. Security Grilles externally should have some protection from weathering e.g Galvanised and Powder Coated.

What are Insurance Approved Security Grilles?

We have a range of Security Grilles which have been Independently Attack Tested by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Council Board) to LPS1175. LPS 1175 testing measures how long it would take an attacker to gain forcible entry to a building through the product under test, and what sort of tools they would need. The resulting security ratings help anyone planning to purchase a security product to make an appropriate choice, based on their property’s location, the likely attackers and the tools they would have at their disposal - from opportunistic, easily-concealed items like a screwdriver to a large, noisy battery-powered tool used as part of a planned attack. Issue 7 of security certification standard LPS 1175 range from LPS 1175 SR1, which deter an opportunist attack by a physical force using minimal tools, to LPS 1175 SR8, which would deter an extremely forced entry attempt, using heavy duty tools and methods short of explosives, firearms or vehicles. Our Insurance Approved Security Grilles are attack tested to From Security Level 1 to 4 and Secured By Design.

What types of Security Grilles are available?

There are basically THREE Types of Security Grilles available;


Usually the most cost effective type of Security Grille. These are usually bars welded Horizontally or Vertically within a frame. They can be fitted internally for a higher level of security or externally. The Vertical Bars are available in a range of thicknesses, styles and designs to suit most requirements. The windows bars can be permanently fixed into the wall, or Hinged like a Swing Gate or Removable (Internal Only).


These are usually fitted internally. The advantage of these grilles is that they can lock and slide back to one side or join in the middle and fold back to both sides. They are very neat with the benefit of being able to open and close the grille when required. The grilles can be fitted over Windows, Doors and any other opening. We have folding grilles specifically for Fire Exit Doors as well as a Trackless Barrier System.The range includes Insurance Approved Folding Security Grilles, which have been tested and certified by the Insurance Companies. The grilles are tested using different tools and over certain length of time, the more aggressive tools used and the longer attack time means a higher security rating.


These are usually fitted externally providing protection from vandalism e.g Bricks, Stones, Balls etc. The most basic mesh is Weldmesh which is the most cost effective Mesh Grille, ideal for stopping bricks and balls. Then there is a Perforated Mesh for Higher Security Applications where Security and Vandalism is a priority. We also have Polycarbonate which provides 100% vision. It comes in different thicknesses for different security levels. The Clear Window Guard is an expensive option. As these grilles are fitted externally usually over windows, they mostly need to stand off the wall to allow the windows to open. This is possible using either standoff legs for or box section for a Higher Level of Security.

What finishes are available from my security grille?

The Security Grilles are all manufactured from Steel. Normally the Grilles are Powder Coated to provide a paint finish, which is ideal for internal use and can be easily cleaned. If fitting any Security Grille externally we strongly recommend having the Grilles Galvanised. This is an industrial process where the grilles are dipped in Molten Zinc which provides a Long Term rust protection. It is an industrial process and does cause some rough surface on the grilles. The grilles can be supplied in the Silver Metal finish or can Powder Coated a colour. We carry a large range of colours in stock, which can be seen on our website. If we don’t have the colour in stock, then we can buy it in especially at an extra cost.

If you still need any help in selecting the right product to suit your budget or application, then Contact our Sales Team.