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Security Begins at the Car Park Entrance

11th January 2019

Security Begins at the Car Park Entrance​

Does your premises have a car park? From the moment your staff (and/or customers, clients or guests) park in there, you need to be aware that the car park becomes part of your security perimeter.

It’s very easy to think of physical security solutions as being something that mostly applies to your external doors and windows. It’s also a mistake.

If something happens in your car park, you may have posted a policy that says you’re not liable. That means a lot legally – but it still leaves you with a frustrated client or potential client. That sour taste will stay throughout their relationship with you.

It may cost you the sale. It’s very likely to cost you future sales. Very few drivers will return to a car park where they were robbed if they have a choice – and the alternative is to take their business elsewhere.

Also worth noting is that if your car park is within your premises – an underground car park, for example – its security needs to be every bit as good as the security on your front door. Your premises are only as secure as the weakest point.

So, what can you do to improve car park security?

A lot of the answers to this question depend on what kind of car park it is.

Outdoor Car Parks

Security spikes should be mounted on the car park’s walls, which should be high enough to prevent anyone simply stepping over them. A securable barrier is also recommended, such as the trackless retractable barrier we offer.

If your wall is high enough to mount an arch above the gateway, standard garage shutter doors are also appropriate.

Indoor Car Parks

How important is visibility? If it’s not important we suggest our steel roller shutter doors.

Our high speed insulated roller doors and our HD tube & link roller grille both offer some visibility. The roller grille also permits airflow! Which is better for you will depend on your other needs.

Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements? We’re always happy to discuss these questions with businesses.

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