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Choosing the Perfect Roller Shutter for Your Shop Front

25th July 2023

What are the types of Roller Shutters available for shop fronts?

What are the types of Roller Shutters available for shop fronts?

Because different retailers have different needs when it comes to protecting their shops, there are a variety of different styles available on the market. Below are a few examples of the types of retail roller shutters and how they are used:

Solid Retail Shutters: For those wanting to shut their business away at the end of the day and know that their shop and contents are out of sight, solid roller shutters are your answer. A solid retail shutter completely covers your shop’s contents from prying eyes, making it the perfect choice when protecting your shop against smash-and-grab burglaries.

Vision Retail Shutters: If you’ve got a shop on a busy street and want to capture people’s interests after closing hours, then you may want to opt for vision retail shutters. Fitted both internally and externally, our vision roller shutters are available in 3 different styles (Perforated, Punched and Grilled) depending on how much visibility you require.

Insurance-approved shutters: If your business is high-risk and contains products that are of high value, you may want to opt for an insurance-approved roller shutter for that additional layer of protection. With a selection to choose from, our insurance-approved roller shutters have been independently attack tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 Security Levels 1-4. These shutters, which are Secured By Design, are the preferred choice by both Police and Insurance companies, meaning your premium is likely to be reduced.

What things should you consider when choosing Roller Shutters for your shop front?

In addition to looking at the different styles of roller shutters available, there are multiple factors to consider when it comes to choosing your roller shutter for your shop.

Security – It’s important to assess the level of security you need for your shop front. Take into consideration the location of your shop and the value of your shop’s contents.Ease of operation – Heavy shutters, especially manual ones require a lot of physical strength. So if you have a large shop front it might be worth opting for a lightweight option or an electric roller shutter. Longevity – As with anything, the sturdier the material, the longer it lasts. Think about how much you will need to use your shutter door. Will it remain closed at weekends meaning less usage, or will it need to be used multiple times a day? If you’re looking to use your shutter door on a frequent basis, it’s important to choose a material that will last the longest such as aluminium. Aesthetic – As well as making your decision on functionality, it’s important to consider a roller shutter that complements your branding and building aesthetics. All retail security roller shutters are available in a large range of BS or RAL colours to match your company’s branding, so you’re bound to find something to suit your needs. Cost – Roller shutters differ in cost, for example, an electric roller shutter with a remote control is at the top of the budget, while a manual roller door will be more affordable. It’s important to review the different types of roller shutters to see which ones not only work for your business but are within your budget.

Choosing the right roller shutter for your shop front is a crucial decision that affects both the security and appearance of your business. Consider the security features, visibility requirements, customisation options and usability when making your decision. By carefully considering these factors, you can select a roller shutter that provides maximum security, enhances your brand visibility, and ensures a comfortable shopping experience for your customers.

For more information on choosing the right roller shutter, you can read our Roller Shutter Buying Guide or contact us for more information.

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