Vision Shop Shutters

Vision shop shutters are an ideal security solution for businesses that want to maintain visibility while still securing their storefronts.

What are Vision Shop Shutters?

Vision shop shutters are an ideal security solution for businesses that want to maintain visibility while still securing their storefronts. These shutters are made of high-quality materials such as aluminum, steel, or reinforced composite materials, which provide excellent durability and strength. The vision design allows varying degrees of visibility, depending on the specific needs of the business. The level of vision can be adjusted by choosing shutter designs with perforated, punched, or slotted slats. Vision retail roller shutters can be custom-fit to the storefront entrance, ensuring maximum protection and coverage. Additionally, these shutters come with various locking mechanisms, such as key-operated locks, padlocks, or electronic locks, providing added security. Overall, vision retail roller shutters are a cost-effective and reliable solution for businesses that want to maintain visibility while still securing their storefronts.

Why buy Vision Shop Shutters from Security Direct?

Do you want to protect your business when closed, but still want people to see your shop display? Don't want the Solid looking shutters to affect the look of your building? Vision Shutters could be the answer.

Our Vision Shop Shutters are manufactured from Galvanised Steel and Aluminium, this will depend on the size and security required. These shutters can be fitted internally or externally, depending on the application and site requirements. There are 3 types of vision roller shutters; - Perforated (Small holes providing 18% Vision), Punched (Slots providing up to 58% vision) and Grille (Port Cullis providing up to 80% vision).

For higher security applications we also have some Vision Shutters that have been independently tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 Security Levels 1 - 3. These shutters are Secured By Design which is the Police and Insurance preferred specifications, so may reduce your premiums!!

The vision shutters are available in a large range of BS or RAL colours to match your company branding. We have a large range of shutter controls from Individual operation, Remote Control, Group operation or can be integrated into your building management system.

Call our sales team today, with your requirements and we can help specify a solution to meet your requirements and budget.

Top 5 Questions asked when buying vision retail roller shutters.

1. What is the level of visibility provided by the shutters?

- Vision shop shutters are designed to offer varying levels of visibility while maintaining security. You should consider the level of visibility you need for your storefront and choose a shutter with the appropriate level of vision.

2. What materials are used to make the shutters?

- The materials used can impact the durability and strength of the shutters. Vision retail roller shutters are typically made from aluminium, steel, or reinforced composite materials.

3. Can the roller shutters be custom-fit to my store's entrance?

- It's important to ensure that the roller shutters can be custom-fit to your store's entrance to ensure maximum protection and coverage.

4. What locking mechanisms are available?

- Vision shop shutters typically come with various locking mechanisms, including key-operated locks, padlocks, or electronic locks. You should consider which type of lock is best suited to your store's needs and budget.

5. What is the warranty on the roller shutters?

- A good warranty can provide added protection and assurance that you're making a sound investment. Make sure to ask about the length and coverage of the warranty and any limitations or exclusions that may apply.

These are just a few examples of the questions that people may have when considering purchasing vision shop shutters. Other factors to consider may include the cost, the level of insulation provided, and the overall aesthetic appearance of the shutters. It's important to do your research and ask any questions you may have to ensure that you choose the right roller shutters for your business needs.

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