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Case Studies

Security Direct has worked on a wide range of clients and installations over the years.   We have tried to showcase some of the jobs we have done.   Where possible we have explained the application, client requirements and the product which we selected to solve the problem.

If you have a project and looking for a solution then please contact our Sales Team.  We have over 25 years of experience, so have seen a lot of different applications.  We also have one of the largest ranges of Shutters, Doors and Grilles in the UK, so we can help you select the product to suit your application.

Warner Bros

Security Direct has worked with Warner Bros on a large Blockbuster movie set.   We are asked to work with the production team on fitting steel roller shutters and retractable security grilles to a film set  of an old town. They wanted the shutters and grilles fitted on the outside of buildings to look old and industrial.  Some of the products are operation and some are fixed to look like the real thing.  They got their special effects team to work on the products, to age them and make them look old.   The grilles and shutters and been transformed from bright new products too old rusty products that look around 20 years old, in only a few days.   It was incredible what they can do.

It was a very interesting and exciting project and look forward to seeing the final result when the film is released.   We look forward to working with the production team again on future production sets.

BAE Systems

Security Direct has worked with the Main Contractor on a BAE Systems facility.    The main contractor was refurbishing a manufacturing facility, which had to be done to strict MOD requirements.  This was a very high security site, so security was paramount.   The product was required to protect windows, vent spaces and void spaces underneath the floors.  The product specified was the LPS1175 Security Level 4 Fixed security bar grilles

The SR4 bar grilles were manufactured to suit individual openings. The vertical bars are manufactured using 32mm vertical solid steel bars, at approx 112mm gaps.  These are welded into a 50mm x 50mm x 5mm thick angle frame.  There are then 44mm x 8mm thick flat horizontal steel tie bars every 112mm.   These grilles weigh approx 80kgs per m2. Due to some of the sizes of the opening, the grilles had to be manufactured in 2 sections and bolted together on site.

BAE Systems were very happy with the products and have specified the product on similar projects for the future.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is one of the most prestigious Manufacturing companies in the world.  Other than manufacturing prestigious cars, they specialise in Engines for the Aerospace and Submarine industry.  Security Direct have worked with on one of their main sites in Derby. 

They approached us to help them resolve a few issues on site.  The first issue was the staff canteen which required a roller shutter to close off the food preparation area when the kitchen was closed.  We installed the Perforated Steel Shutter, as it provided a good level of security, but allowed airflow and visibility through the shutter.

We have also supplied our Trackless Barrier System for inside the factory.  The 2m high barriers were used to cordon off areas within areas of the factory.   Although the site was high security, they also used the barriers across the loading bays, to restrict access to unauthorised personnel through open loading bay doors.


Security Direct has secured many Vodafone stores up and down the country.   Phones are expensive and this makes phone shops vulnerable to attacks.   We have installed hundreds of roller shutters to Vodafone shops, mainly to secure the shop fronts.   Due to a planning restrictions on most high streets, the roller shutters are fitted internally.   We usually work with a contractor, who strips out the old shop and refurbishes it to Vodafone requirements. 

We have installed quite a few different types of roller shutters in the Vodafone stores.  They have all been Vision retail shutters, so customers can see into the shop, but the stock is protected.  The picture of the Vodafone store in York, uses a Punched Aluminium Roller Shutter, which provided 58% vision.  This shutter was used due to the size of the shop front and the amount of vision it provided.   On other stores, we have used the Compact Aluminium Roller shutter, ideal when headroom is limited.   One some shops we have to use the Punched or Perforated Steel shutters as they can span openings wider than 6m.   All the shutters are powder coated to suit the Vodafone brand colours.   They are electrically operated and are fitted with Battery Backups, in case of a power failure.

Security Direct continues to work with Vodafone on a regular basis on their stores nationwide.

KFC Restaurants

Security Direct has worked on many KFC restaurants across the UK.  The picture shows an KFC store in Birmingham, that we have recently installed.   The restaurant was getting broken into and vandalised when closed.  The cost to repair the damage and disruption was becoming very high.   KFC asked Security Direct for a solution to protect all the windows, doors and Drive Thru Windows around the building.  

Security Direct proposed using the RA4 Compact Aluminium Roller Shutter.   The roller shutter had a small shutter box, so would reduce the amount of light that comes through the full height windows.    The customer wanted a High Security roller shutter but wanted some vision through the roller shutter for safety.  The roller shutters were powder coated to match the KFC brand colours. 

Other KFC installations include Fire Shutters over kitchen serveries and chemical stores.   We have fitted Vision Roller Shutters over the serving areas, to protect the staff on an evening but still to allow the staff to take and serve orders.   We have used a range of Solid Roller Shutters to close off areas of the restaurant during certain times of the day.

Waitrose Supermarkets

Security Direct has worked on several Waitrose Supermarkets sites around the UK.  The picture is an installation at a Motorway Services in Yorkshire.  The services are open 24hrs but the Waitrose store is only open between 9am-10pm.  The client wanted a roller shutter to close off the shop front when the store was closed.   They wanted something that looked nicer than a steel shutter.  The services also require that the shutter had some sort of vision, for fire and security reasons.

Due to the width of the opening (approx 6m), the RA8 Punched and Glazed roller shutter was the best solution.   The vision slats provide 58% vision and the polycarbonate inserts prevent things been pushed through the slots in the curtain.   The shutter was electrically operated from a hidden key switch on the outside.  We fitted a Battery Backup to this roller shutter, in the case of a power failure.

Waitrose was very happy with the product and are looking to roll out the RA8 on other stores around the UK.

Merseyside Police

Security Direct has worked with the Main Contractor on a Merseyside Police facility.    The main contractor was refurbishing an office facility, to the Police requirements.  This was a very high security site, so security was paramount.   The product specified was the CS13, which is an LPS1175 Security Level 3 retractable security grille.  The retractable grilles were fitted to all Ground floor windows and doors.

Due to the strict fixing requirements of the CS13 security grille, the main building contractors had to carry out building works to the window reveals.  These grilles cannot be fitted to plasterboard, they have to be fitted direct to the brickwork.  In theory, plasterboard could be chiselled out, making the fixing vulnerable.   The contractor removed all the plasterboard around the windows and plastered directly to the brick.  This ensures that the grilles met the fixings requirements and provided a good strong fixing point.

Merseyside Police were very happy with the product and installation and have specified the product on similar projects for the future.   They liked the fact that the grilles were very high security, but also low maintenance and cheaper too purchase, compared to a roller shutter with the same security level.


Security Direct has worked on many Starbucks restaurants across the UK.  The picture shows a Starbucks store in Birmingham, that we have recently installed.   The restaurant is on a motorway services which is open 24hrs a day, with the store only open between 7am-9pm each day.   They needed a product to close off the store to the public when they are closed.

They asked Security Direct for a solution.  The problem with a roller shutter was the width of the opening (approx. 12m) and no headroom above for a shutter box.   The best solution was our Sliding Shutters, which can go up to 30m wide and run on a 40mm high top track.   We used the Perforated Sliding Shutter as it allowed ventilation, looked nice and provided a good level of security.  The sliding shutters don't have a bottom track to trip over, they just have shootbolts which lock into the ground for rigidity.

The building contractor had to put extra supports into the head of the opening to carry the weight of the sliding shutter (approx 175kgs per linear meter).     They also built some cupboard at each side for the shutter stack to fold into and neatly be concealed.

Starbucks has already installed more of these sliding shutters across its new stores.  Starbucks liked the idea, that these are easy to operate and require little maintenance, compared to roller shutters.

Tebay Services

Security Direct has recently worked on the prestigious Tebay Farm Services near the Lake District.  These services are not like a normal service station, they have a large restaurant and farm shop that uses only locally sourced produce.  I have to say that I love these services if you ever get the chance call into Tebay Services or Gloucester services, as they are owned by the same people.

The client wanted to extend the Farm Shop entrance area, to make it more open plan and welcoming to customers.   The main contractor carried out the building works to increase the size of the opening from 6m wide to approx 12m wide.  The opening was too wide for a roller shutter and there was not enough headroom for a shutter.   The client did look at Sliding Shutters, but preferred the High Security CS10 Deluxe retractable security grille, as it seems heavier duty, more cost effective and more open.

The main contractor did need to provide additional supports across the top of the opening, to help carry the weight of the grille.  We did ensure the grilles were fitted with Top and Bottom rolling wheels, due to the size of the opening and to make to easier to operate.    The main contractor built a cupboard on one side of the opening for half of the grille to neatly hideaway.   The other half of the grille was used as a dividing wall when the farm shop was open for business.

Claridges - London

Claridges is one of the worlds most famous luxury hotels in the world.  Set in the heart of Mayfair, Claridges is an art deco icon and a byword for timeless elegance.  Since the 1850's Claridges has excelled in the finer things in life, glamourous design, inspiring dining and impeccable service.  There are many 5 star hotels in London but nowhere quite like Claridges.

Claridges approached Security Direct, as they were looking for a Roller Shutter specialist that install a High Speed and High Usage Roller Shutter on their loading bay area.   The loading bay is large as they do get articulated lorries, making daily deliveries.  We installed the 100mm Insulated Steel Roller Shutter, as it easily covered the size of the opening.  The advantage of this shutter is that also operates quieter than a traditional steel shutter, which can rattle in the wind.  Having a quieter roller shutter door was important as they didn't want something noisy, especially as it's near to some bedrooms and function rooms.

Security Direct service the shutter door on a regular basis, to ensure it prolongs the life of the door and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

London Underground

Security Direct have done quite a lot of work on the London Underground.  This includes existing stations, new stations and service yards.  

We have installed Fire Shutters to retail units and storage areas within the underground network.  We have installed a range of Steel Security Doors, including Fire Rated Doors, Acoustic Rated Doors, Fire Exit Doors, Louvered Doors and Security Rated Doors.

Security Direct continues to work with Network Rail and the London Underground on projects.

PJD Guitars

Security Direct have been lucky to work with the prestigious guitar maker PJD Guitars in Pocklington, East Yorkshire.

PJD Guitars was founded in 2010 by Leigh Dovey. The name PJD is dedicated to the memory of Leigh's late father who was prop maker for the Royal Opera House in London's Covent Garden. Leigh started working with a basic knowledge of wood work picked up from his father and was lucky enough to inherit his tools as well as a small home workshop. Leigh spent his days working as a sound and video engineer at the Royal Opera House and his evenings honing his craft in guitar building. Leigh was lucky early on in having the chance to work with some great artists, giving him the confidence to grow his skills.

Fast forward to 2020 and a move up to York to a bigger workshop, and for the past 6 months Leigh has been putting his heart and soul into building the best instruments he has ever built. Security Direct have helped secure the new bigger premises in Pocklington, installing high security Compact Aluminium Roller Shutters. With some of the guitars worth a lot of money, they required a security rated roller shutter that was compact as this was getting fitted in their entrance/showroom area. 


Security Direct have been lucky to work with the new and existing company Cazoo.  With Cazoo, you can buy or finance your car entirely online and complete your purchase from the comfort of your sofa, in your own time and select to have it delivered to your door or to collect it from one of our Customer Centres. We own every car on our website and have fully reconditioned each one, so quality comes guaranteed. 

Security Direct help secure and protect its new customer centres around the UK. We have installed a range of High Usage Industrial Doors and Industrial Sectional Door to their workshops.  We have also helped with the Fire Strategy of the buildings, by installing Fire Shutters and Fire Curtains.

We have worked close with the cleint, designers and contractors to make this happen on a fast turnaround, to enure they can open the customer centres as quickly as posisble.

Health Education England

Security Direct have been lucky to work with Health Education England.  Health Education England (HEE) exists for one reason only: to support the delivery of excellent healthcare and health improvement to the patients and public of England by ensuring that the workforce of today and tomorrow has the right numbers, skills, values and behaviours, at the right time and in the right place.

Their Head Office is based in the centre of Leicester.  Security Direct has worked closely with HEE in securing their offices, as they have had issues with attempted break-ins.  We installed a large number of Security Grilles including the CS11 Insurance Approved Security Grilles to all ground floor windows and doors.  On the fire exist we installed the Fire Exit security grille, as it provided security and complied with fire regulations.

Security Direct look forward to working with HEE in securing their other premises throughout the UK.

Happerley England - Lock 29 Banbury

Security Direct was approached by the architect for Banbury Borough Council, looking for a solution to a new market project at Castle Quay Shopping Centre.   The project was called Lock 29 which began as an idea to breathe new life into a canal side destination in Banbury, utilising abandoned space that would bring great benefit to the local community and beyond. In addition to the venue featuring diverse and exciting food and drink artisans, there will be a casual pop-up cinema for secret cinema clubs and educational activities, space for events which will be open to the whole community and an edgy independent retail offering which binds it all together. Lock29 is a completely unique, creative space, which pays homage to its hometown, while reaching out to visitors from far and wide.

Happerley England have occupied the space, which is a fast-growing food and drinks organisation, set up by farmers to empower farmers and create a level playing field for all food and drink businesses to validate, protect and promote the provenance value of their product while allowing the customer to make an informed choice.

Security Direct worked with the team to create a security solution on securing these pods.   We fitted custom made CS10 "Deluxe" retractable grilles to each of the pods.  We worked with the architect to ensure that those pods were designed to hide the grille stacks and ensure we had sufficient steelwork to install the security grilles into.   These retractable security grilles, were the ideal choice as they were more cost effective than Roller Shutters and didn't require the same servicing and Maintenence that a roller shutter would require.

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