Merseyside Police

Security Direct has worked with the Main Contractor on a Merseyside Police facility. The main contractor was refurbishing an office facility, to the Police requirements. This was a very high security site, so security was paramount.

The product specified was the CS13, which is an Insurance Approved - Level 3 Security Grille. The retractable grilles were fitted to all Ground floor windows and doors.

Due to the strict fixing requirements of the CS13 security grille, the main building contractors had to carry out building works to the window reveals. These grilles cannot be fitted to plasterboard, they have to be fitted direct to the brickwork. In theory, plasterboard could be chiselled out, making the fixing vulnerable. The contractor removed all the plasterboard around the windows and plastered directly to the brick. This ensures that the grilles met the fixings requirements and provided a good strong fixing point.

Merseyside Police were very happy with the product and installation and have specified the product on similar projects for the future. They liked the fact that the grilles were very high security, but also low maintenance and cheaper too purchase, compared to a roller shutter with the same security level.

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