Tebay Services

Security Direct has recently worked on the prestigious Tebay Farm Services near the Lake District. These services are not like a normal service station, they have a large restaurant and farm shop that uses only locally sourced produce. I have to say that I love these services if you ever get the chance call into Tebay Services or Gloucester services, as they are owned by the same people.

The client wanted to extend the Farm Shop entrance area, to make it more open plan and welcoming to customers. The main contractor carried out the building works to increase the size of the opening from 6m wide to approx 12m wide. The opening was too wide for a roller shutter and there was not enough headroom for a shutter. The client did look at Sliding Shutters, but preferred the High Security Retractable Grille, as it seems heavier duty, more cost effective and more open.

The main contractor did need to provide additional supports across the top of the opening, to help carry the weight of the grille. We did ensure the grilles were fitted with Top and Bottom rolling wheels, due to the size of the opening and to make to easier to operate. The main contractor built a cupboard on one side of the opening for half of the grille to neatly hideaway. The other half of the grille was used as a dividing wall when the farm shop was open for business.

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