Security Direct has secured many Vodafone stores up and down the country. Phones are expensive and this makes phone shops vulnerable to attacks. We have installed hundreds of roller shutters to Vodafone shops, mainly to secure the shop fronts.

Due to a planning restrictions on most high streets, the roller shutters are fitted internally. We usually work with a contractor, who strips out the old shop and refurbishes it to Vodafone requirements.

We have installed quite a few different types of roller shutters in the Vodafone stores. They have all been Vision Retail Shutters, so customers can see into the shop, but the stock is protected.

The picture of the Vodafone store in York, uses a Punched Aluminium - 58% Vision, which provided 58% vision. This shutter was used due to the size of the shop front and the amount of vision it provided. On other stores, we have used the Compact Punched - 44% Vision, ideal when headroom is limited. One some shops we have to use the Punched or Perforated Steel - 18% Vision as they can span openings wider than 6m.

All the shutters are powder coated to suit the Vodafone brand colours. They are electrically operated and are fitted with Battery Backups, in case of a power failure.

Security Direct continues to work with Vodafone on a regular basis on their stores nationwide.

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