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Sports Hall Steel Doors

From only £495

Based on 800mm x 1900mm

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Key product Features

Door Type

Available as Single, Leaf & Half or Double Dorsets

Acoustic Rating

Up to 36dB

U Value

Insulated Core - 1.5 U Value


1.5mm Rustec Steel

Locking Hardware

Manual and Electronic Locking

Door Leaf Core

Hexatex or Insulated

Standard Finish

Range of 150 Stocked Colours

Lead Times

15-20 working days

Why use the Sports Hall Steel Doors?

When it comes to outfitting sports facilities with secure and functional emergency exit doors, Sports Hall Steel Doors from Security Direct stand out as the premier choice. These doors are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of sports halls, ensuring both safety and durability. Recommended by Sport England and Sport Scotland, our Sportdor range includes the innovative addition of rebound panels, which protect hall users from impact injuries caused by prominent door furniture. This design consideration is critical for maintaining a safe environment during high-impact sports activities.

Our Sports Hall Steel Doors are tailored for both internal and external use, providing versatile solutions for various applications within sports facilities. These doors boast impressive specifications, including a height of up to 3 meters, acoustic ratings up to 39dB, and U-values as low as 1.5 W/m2K, ensuring excellent thermal performance. These features make our doors not only secure but also energy-efficient and soundproof, enhancing the overall functionality of the sports hall.

The customization options available for our Sportdor range allow you to meet specific design and functional requirements. Whether you need emergency exits, personnel doors, or doors with additional safety features, we can provide bespoke solutions that fit seamlessly into your facility. Our doors are powder-coated in a range of RAL and BS colors, ensuring they complement the aesthetic of your sports hall while providing a durable and long-lasting finish.

In addition to their robust construction and safety features, our Sports Hall Steel Doors come with fast lead times, ensuring timely delivery and installation for your projects. The integration of flush surfaces and rebound panels, as recommended by Sport England, ensures that our doors align perfectly with the wall surfaces, contributing to a safer playing environment. This design consideration is essential for sports halls, particularly in high-impact areas like five-a-side football zones, where safety and functionality must go hand in hand.

In summary, Security Direct’s Sports Hall Steel Doors provide a superior solution for sports facilities seeking high-quality, safe, and durable emergency exit doors. With recommendations from leading sports authorities and a range of customisable options, our doors ensure that your sports hall meets the highest standards of safety and performance. Trust Security Direct to deliver the best in steel door solutions for your sports facility.


44mm door leaf thickness, fitted with an integrated astragal for added security. Comprising of 2 x 1.2mm ‘Rustec’ steel sheets, the leaf skins are mechanically interlocked and internally bonded, providing greater stability and protection against de-lamination.  The inside face of the door is fitted with Rebound Panels to meet the required standard.

Rebound Panel

Manufactured from lightweight, high tensile 1.5 mm thick ‘Rustec’ steel.
Adjust 2-Fit side expander system that offers up to 12mm expansion to the structural opening.
Self-adhesive P-seal provided as standard.
Various frame depths and styles are available.

Supplied inclusive of a powder-coated finish in a standard colour. Full range of RAL and BS colours available.

Options and Upgrades
Manual and Electric Locking.
Up to 36dB acoustic rating.
Up to 1.5 U-value W/M2K

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