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Acoustic Rated Steel Doors

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Based on 800mm x 1900mm

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Key product Features

Door Type

Available as Single, Leaf & Half or Double Dorsets

Acoustic Rated

Up to 56dB

Fire Rated

Upgrade to Fire Rated tested to EN 1634-1


2mm Rustec Steel

Locking Hardware

Manual and Electronic Locking

Door Leaf Core

Insulated Core

Standard Finish

Range of 150 Stocked Colours

Lead Times

15-20 working days

Why use the Acoustic Rated Steel Security Doors?

Choosing Acoustic Rated Steel Doors from Security Direct is an excellent decision for anyone needing superior sound insulation and robust security. Our Acoustidor doors are designed to lead the industry in noise control, with certified noise reduction ratings ranging from 41dB to an impressive 56dB. This makes them ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as recording studios, generator rooms, cinemas, nightclubs, and churches. Each door is meticulously tested to EN ISO 140-3 standards, ensuring that they meet the highest quality and performance criteria for sound insulation.

One of the standout features of our Acoustic Rated Steel Doors is their advanced construction. With door leaf thicknesses of either 75mm or 100mm, these doors are built using double-walled galvanized steel sheeting filled with specialized insulation material. This composition not only provides excellent acoustic performance but also adds to the door's structural integrity. The doors come complete with a 2mm steel frame and a double-seal system, ensuring optimal soundproofing and durability. The available sound insulation values are 41dB, 47dB, 53dB, and 56dB, catering to various levels of noise control requirements.

Our Acoustidor doors are highly customizable to meet your specific needs. They can be powder-coated in any RAL color or made from stainless steel, providing both aesthetic flexibility and enhanced protection against corrosion. The doors are available in single and double configurations, with dimensions up to 3 meters in height and width for double doors. This flexibility ensures that the doors can be tailored to fit a wide range of architectural and functional requirements. Additionally, they come with various frame and threshold options to suit different installation settings and performance needs, including air permeability and water-tightness certifications.

In addition to their superior acoustic properties, our Acoustic Rated Steel Doors offer options for added security and safety. These doors can be upgraded to include fire resistance, tested to EN1634-1 standards, and burglar resistance features, ensuring comprehensive protection. Each door comes with a five-year construction warranty, guaranteeing long-term reliability and performance. Whether you need doors for commercial, industrial, or specialized environments, Security Direct’s Acoustidor provides an optimal solution that combines noise reduction, security, and durability in one robust package.

In summary, Security Direct’s Acoustic Rated Steel Doors deliver unparalleled noise control, customisable options, and enhanced security features. Perfect for a variety of applications requiring high levels of sound insulation, these doors meet stringent quality standards and offer versatile solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust in our expertise to provide the best acoustic doors for your building, ensuring a quieter, safer, and more secure environment.

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