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Steel Fire Door - Rated 1-6hrs

From only £695

Based on 800mm x 1900mm

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Key product Features


Domestic, Commercial, Retail, Leisure

Door Type

Available as Single, Leaf & Half or Double Dorsets

Security Rated

Available in LPS 1175 SR2, SR3 & SR4. Please refer to Security Rated Doors.



Locking Hardware

Personnel, Electromechanical Furniture

Door Leaf Core


Glazing Options

1 x 500mm x 500mm / 1 x 200mm x 1000mm / 2 x 200mm x 500mm

Standard Finish

Grey Primer or Powder Coated Stock RAL / BS Colour

Louvred Options

1 x 305mm x 305mm / 1 x 457mm x 457mm

Lead Times

12-18 working days

Why choose the Fire Rated Steel Door?

Whether you’re looking for an FD30 fire door or FD60 fire door, At SDUK, we understand the importance of fire safety and ensuring your property and occupants are safe. That's why our fire-rated steel doors are crafted to the highest standard. They come with a multitude of lock options, combining security with ease of access. For those who prefer traditional locking systems, we offer mechanical locks such as deadbolt and mortise locks, which provide a robust physical barrier. For a more sophisticated approach, our digital locking options, including keypad systems, proximity card readers, and biometric systems like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition, offer enhanced security and convenience.

Adapting to the unique architectural needs of each property, we provide options for side or over panels with our fire-rated steel doors. These panels can be integrated seamlessly into the door structure to cater to wider or taller openings without compromising the fire resistance of the door. Further customisation is available with the choice of vision or louvered panels.

Lastly, our commitment to style is evident in our diverse colour and finish options. Despite their robust nature, our fire-rated steel doors can be customised to match your design requirements. Using high-quality, durable powder coating, we offer a spectrum of colours, from classic hues to bold, contemporary shades. This ensures your fire-rated doors not only meet safety standards but also complement your property's aesthetic, resulting in a harmonious blend of safety, function, and design.

Contact us and request a quote for a Steel Rated Fire Door or simply call us on 08082536663 with any questions. Our experienced team of specialists will be happy to help.

What are the benefits of a Steel Rated Fire Door?

Fire Resistance: The primary benefit is their high level of fire resistance. Steel fire doors are designed to withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire, helping to contain it within a specific area and allowing more time for evacuation.

Security: Steel doors offer enhanced security, providing a strong barrier against unauthorised access. This makes them suitable for applications where both fire safety and security are crucial, such as in industrial facilities or commercial buildings.

Smoke Control: In addition to fire resistance, steel fire doors can also contribute to controlling the spread of smoke during a fire. This is important for maintaining visibility and facilitating safe evacuation.

Compliance with Regulations: Steel Rated Fire Doors are designed and tested to comply with building codes, fire safety standards, and regulations. Choosing these doors helps ensure that the building meets the required safety standards.

What is a Fire Rated Steel Door?

Fire-rated steel doors can be used for commercial or industrial premises, or in homes and garages, to prevent the spread of fire within a building and to increase the time occupants have to exit and find safety. They also help contain deadly smoke in one place. At Security Direct, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality fire-rated steel doors, designed to meet stringent fire safety regulations for both internal and external applications. These doors are meticulously engineered to provide a reliable line of defence in case of a fire, slowing the spread of flames and smoke, and granting occupants valuable time to evacuate safely.

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