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Based on 800mm x 1900mm

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Why use the Personnel Entry Steel Doors?

As a leading manufacturer of personnel steel doors, we are proud to offer a multitude of customisation options to meet all your security and aesthetic requirements. Whether you require robust protection for your industrial establishment or a tasteful addition to your commercial property, we can provide a door that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Our variety of mechanical and digital locking systems ensure your property's safety and grant you peace of mind. Mechanical locking options range from the traditional deadbolt and mortice locks renowned for their high-security attributes to more complex multi-point locking systems for heightened protection. Our digital locking systems, on the other hand, bring convenience to the table. They include keypad systems where a unique code grants entry, proximity card readers, and biometric systems, such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition. These not only provide a high level of security but also enable ease of access control and user tracking.

We understand that every property has unique architectural needs. Thus, we offer side or over panels to complement your steel door. Side panels provide an excellent solution when additional width is required, whilst over panels are ideal for taller openings. Moreover, you can customize your door with vision or louvered panels. Vision panels, fitted with safety glass, are perfect for providing visibility without compromising security, whereas louvered panels ensure excellent ventilation while maintaining the integrity and strength of the door.

Finally, our personnel steel doors aren't just about strength and security, they also meet all design aesthetics. We offer a comprehensive palette of colours and finishes to match your brand identity or building decor. From subtle, classic shades to bold, contemporary hues, we use high-quality, durable powder coating to ensure longevity and a flawless finish. Your door can be as distinct or as understated as you wish, always exuding professionalism and taste. Our attention to detail ensures your steel security door is not only an integral part of your safety strategy, but also a stylish addition to your property.

Key product Features


Domestic, Commercial, Retail

Door Type

Available as Single, Leaf & Half or Double Dorsets

Security Rated


Fire Rated



Galvanised, Zintec, Stainless Steel or Megnelis

Locking Hardware

Personnel, Fire Exit and Electromechanical Furniture Available

Door Leaf Core

Dufaylite, Rockwool, Celotex or Timber subject to hardware and options selected

Glazing Options

Large range of sizes and glazing types available subject to hardware and options selected

Standard Finish

Burgandy, Navy Blue, Light Beige, Brown, White, Silver, Anthracite, Fire Green, Light Grey

Louvred Options

Large range of sizes available subject to hardware and options selected

Lead Times

20 working days

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