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Punched Steel - 24% Vision

Punched Steel - 24% Vision
Punched Steel - 24% Vision
Punched Steel - 24% Vision
Punched Steel - 24% Vision
Punched Steel - 24% Vision
Punched Steel - 24% Vision
Punched Steel - 24% Vision
Punched Steel - 24% Vision
Punched Steel - 24% Vision
Punched Steel - 24% Vision
Punched Steel - 24% Vision
Why choose the Punched Steel Security Shutters?

The RSA75 Punched Steel Security Shutters are the most popular shutter for Offices and Shops.   Its uses the galvanised steel Punched curtain (24% Vision) with the aluminium Box and Guides.  The Aluminium guides are neater and more aesthetically pleasing, compared to the traditional steel box and angled guides.     The 75mm curved steel laths, are available in 22G (0.7mm) or 20G (0.9mm) depending on the size of the roller shutter and the security level required.   The laths are also available Solid and Perforated (18% Vision).

The Punched Steel Security Shutters is available Manual Operation, but due to the heavy laths, it is normally Electrically operated.  The tube motor is fitted inside the barrel, which helps to keep the Box sizes smaller.  The Tube Motos come with a 5 year manufactures parts warranty.    Why not automate the shutter, to make daily operation easier and you can incorporate your shutters into a full automation system, including Timers, Remote Control Systems, and Smart Hubs eg; Alexa. 

The Punched Steel Security Shutters comes Powder Coated in White, Brown, Black or Cream as standard.  The shutters can be Powder Coated any BS or RAL colour to match your colour scheme. 

Key Features
ApplicationCommercial, Retail
Product RatingMedium
MaterialSteel and Aluminium
Lath TypesPunched - 24% Vision
Manual OperationSpring & Lock
Electric OperationSingle Phase - Tube Motor
Max Width5800mm (Depending on Height)
Max Height - Manual2800mm (Depending on Width)
Max Height - Electric3400mm (Depending on Width)
Box & Guides - Standard FinishWhite, Brown, Black, Cream
Curtain - Standard FinishWhite, Brown, Black, Cream
Lead Times10 working days

The standard Punched Galvanised Steel Laths are 75mm high, curved single skin laths.  The punched laths provide 25% Vision. 

Perforated Laths are available at no extra cost.

Solid laths are available at no extra cost.  The perforated and Solid laths can be mixed to provide additional security.


At the Bottom of the Curtain, you get the Option of a "T" Rail or "L" Rail.   "T" Rail comes as standard.   You can fit a Rubber Bottom Seal or Safety Edge to the bottom of the "L" and "T" Rail, at an extra cost.

Roll formed Aluminium in two sections; top and bottom boxes.  Bottom Box removable for installation and maintenance and is chamfered at 45o.  The shutter box is assembled on steel endplates.

 Box Sizes Internal
Clear opening height (to underside of box)
1999 mm  -   250 mm box
2799 mm  -   300 mm box
3400 mm  -   350 mm box
Box Sizes External
Clear opening height (to underside of box)
1199 mm  -   250 mm box
2399 mm  -   300 mm box
3400 mm  -   350 mm box

Extruded Aluminium Guides with an integral box section for reinforcement and to facilitate fixing.  High density 4mm pile brush seals for quiet and smooth operation.
Construction: Extruded Aluminium with an integral box section for reinforcement and to facilitate fixing.

Dimensions:   UPH 140 60mm wide x 27mm deep (205mm box only) 

                         UPH 240 75mm wide x 27mm deep (250mm or 300mm box)

                         UPH 250 90mm wide x 34mm deep (250mm or 300mm box)  


The Traditional Shutter is available both manually and electrically operated using a tubular motor inside the barrel.  The options priced are shown on your quotation which also shows the method of operation we have included. This list shows possible options which would incur different costs.



      Roller Shutters usually installed mainly over doorways or 
      Serveries are raised up and down by lifting and lowering the 
      curtain by hand.  The roller shutter has a spring in the barrel 
      which helps lifting the shutter.  As standard a central bottom 
      lath lock is provided which has a key in the bottom lath and 
      bolts shoot into the guides rails at each side.  The Bottom 
                          lath lock can be operated from both sides but has a secure
                              and non-secure side to the lock.  Optional bullet locks are 
                              available which are pins that go through the guide rails each side.

      ELECTRIC  - (N.B. minimum shutter width 750mm) 

      Electric shutters are usually fitted on larger openings where 
      Manual Operation is not suitable or where the operator 
      requires an easy, clean and user friendly type of operation.  
      Single phase tubular motors are enclosed within the barrel 
      giving full protection from the elements.  Electric Roller 
      Shutters can be controlled individually or grouped to one 
                              controller.  The controllers available include internal rocker 
                              switch, security key switch or Remote Control.  Manual 
                              overrides are available on Electric Roller Shutters which 
                              allow the shutter to be operated when the power to the 
                              shutter has failed.

The RSA75 Roller Shutter is available in the following standard colours.   Band A, Band and Band C are an additional cost.



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