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Village Hall - Fire and Security Protection

8th June 2022

How can Security Direct help protect your village hall?

Village Halls provide a venue where residents and the local community can meet, socialise and take part in a wide range of community activities. The government is investing money into the village halls, to upgrade them and make them a Hub of the community.

Windows and Doors - Village Halls can often be in remote locations and unmanned for long periods of time. We have helped many village halls secure the windows and doors with a range of products

Window Mesh fitted externally to prevent the window and glass from getting vandalised or broken by ball games.
- Retractable security grilles are fitted internally to the windows and doors. They can be easily folded back out of the way, when not in use. They are more aesthetically pleasing than fixed prison bars.
- Roller Shutters are a popular choice for securing windows and doors, but they are one of the most expensive options. Roller Shutters can also be used to close off areas when not in use.
- Steel Doors – We replace a lot of the old wooden doors with Steel Doors. The steel doors are heavy-duty, secure, and available with a large range of Entry and Panic hardware. We also provide fire-rated steel doors.
Village Bars - Some village halls are lucky enough to have a bar area, where they can serve drinks. The bars are often unattended whilst events are taking place and the bar needs to be secured when not in use. Our Lightweight Bar Shutter is popular or if vision is required the Roller Grille Bar shutter is a popular option.
Kitchen Serveries – As the Village Halls are getting upgraded, they are getting refitted with new kitchens to enable Hot foods to be served to guests at events. Usually, if hot food can be served then you need a fire shutter fitting, to stop the spread of a fire through to the rest of the building. Usually, a fire officer or building control will specify if the shutter needs to be fire-rated or not. If not, then a simple Lightweight aluminium roller shutter is a more cost-effective option.
If you are involved with your local Village Hall or Community building, contact us today for help and advice. Contact our sales team today.

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