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Security Rated Shutters Why May You Need Them

5th February 2019

Why Don’t You Have Insurance Rated Shutters?

It’s vitally important that you make sure that your physical security measures are suitable for your premises’ location. For low-risk areas, a medium security option such as an insulated aluminium shutter might be enough. For areas with a higher crime rate, it’s best to go for something like a high security roller shutter.

However, there’s no such thing as a zero-risk area. As much as you don’t want to consider it, there is a real risk of your premises being broken into regardless of where you are and what security measures you have in place.

It’s estimated that a criminal with an hour uninterrupted to work can break into any premises, regardless of the security measures in place. At Security Direct, we strive to deliver peace of mind and offer you the highest calibre of defence against such intrusions. That’s why we offer security rated shutters.

Insurance Rated Shutters

All our Security Rated Shutters have been LPC Tested and Approved by the Police and Insurance Companies.

By using insurance rated shutters, you’re proving to your insurer that you had certification-level dependable security solutions supplied and installed by a reputable provider.

This will minimise potential risk your insurance company will consider that you have been negligent in your security solutions, thus protecting your reimbursement and your future premiums.

The Security Direct Difference

Choosing the right insurance rated shutter gives real peace of mind over the security of your premises.

Physical security approved for use by the police and by the insurance companies means that, should you be the target of criminal activity, you’ve got the best line of defence in place – and the best chance for reimbursement should they manage to gain entry.

If you want to discuss which shutters would best suit your premises, get in touch. Our expert team are always happy to help you pick the insurance rated shutter that would be best for your premises

Please Note:

Prices do not include delivery or installation costs

Discounts are available for number of openings or for trade customers. Please contact our sales team for more.

If your quote is acceptable, please click to proceed and our sales team will contact you to finalise your order.

Next Steps:

A member of your sales team will contact you to discuss requirements. We’ll make sure you get the right product for your needs.

SUPPLY ONLY – A drawing will be created to check size and specifications. After confirmation, we’ll take payment and get the products into production.

INSTALLATION – If installation is arranged a site survey will be carried out to take final measurements before options are discussed.

If you have any other questions, just give us a call. We’re always happy to help

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