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1st July 2017

There are many ways a data breach can occur, with via internet being just one of them. However, companies don’t really pay that much attention to their physical security, new research suggests.

According to a research by access control and smart card specialists Digital ID, 59 percent of SMEs in the UK mostly go for locks and security lights and nothing more. Even then, nearly two thirds said the security was not operational during working hours.

Digital ID says this is not enough and puts businesses at serious risk of a security breach.

The research says that 23 percent have very little visitor security, while 36 percent have no visitor security installed at all.

Forty-one percent had a more complex security measure in place: ID cards and restrictive access gates & areas with roller shuttered off areas are the most popular ones.

Adam Bennett, digital marketing manager at Digital ID, said: "At the very least, small businesses should have cyber security in place, but construction sites, offices, bars, restaurants or building firms for example, should make sure there’s a level of access control in areas where items or equipment could be stolen. It’s surprising how much we hear of this kind of security breach, with a lot of it happening in broad daylight".

"It’s not just equipment that can be lost too, but important data, such as payment details and intellectual property, costing a business its reputation as well as money. Although every business has different needs, it’s still unfortunate to see so many businesses with little to no security, yet more than two thirds said they would be prepared to invest up to £10,000 in building security", added Bennett.

Also worries can include not just the public stealing physical products or data, but also staff too - we can help you put measures in place to reduce these risks with our physical security products - see for more

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