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Fixed Security Spikes do you need them?

25th April 2018

Do you need fixed security spikes?

In the year ending 2015, the Crime Survey for England and Wales estimated that there were around 750,000 domestic burglaries, a figure which may encourage many home owners to do more to protect their property.

For those looking to improve the security around their home or business premises, it’s worth bearing in mind that sometimes, a physical barrier such as a fence or wall isn’t a deterrent to the more ambitious criminals out there.

Therefore, you need to increase your security using something a little stronger. Fixed security spikes therefore can be added to roofs, guttering, drainpipes, walls and fencing in order to deter entry to houses, gardens or businesses.

However, there are legislations to bear in mind when it comes to security spikes. If you intend to attach one to a fence that borders land that is accessible by the public then it should only be used at heights over 2.4 metres, which will require planning permission.

Security spikes are also an excellent deterrent to wildlife to encourage them to go elsewhere. Although it might seem like an unsightly response to a few cats or even foxes when used around a home, it’s an excellent way of ensuring your premises remains clean.

Likewise, you can prevent pigeons from resting on window sills and roofs, ideal if your business premises or home is classed a listed building. This ensures that no delicate materials are damaged or eroded over time as well as maintaining the appearance of the structure of your property.

The Fixed Security Spike product available from Security Direct UK is available in 1.5 metres length and 110mm high so they’re fairly tall spikes. The spikes are designed to attach onto clothing if people attempt to jump over and they are too sharp for people to lay padding on them before their accent, which makes the fixed spike particularly suited to higher risk situations. We can also manufacture brackets to support the spikes around guttering or across a gate, please get in touch if you’re interested in this option.

It’s important that outsiders recognise the danger of security spikes, so you may want to invest in a warning sign for razor spikes too – you can purchase these directly from the site. For extra secure fences, we also supply a Rotary spike which is essentially a long double sided security spike to deter people from climbing walls or roofs. Both security spike options for Security Direct are fully legal if you ensure they are fitted to the correct Risk Assessment and Method Statements.

Whether you requiresecurity spikes depends on your current situation, consider the scenarios above and ensure you comply with restrictions and regulations around the product if you do decide to have it installed.

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