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Cheap Roller Shutters

1st December 2018

Buying a Roller shutter for the first time can be a daunting prospect. With so many different types available they can vary a lot in price. You want a Roller Shutter that fits within your budget, will do the job you want it to do and more importantly last a long time.

Quite a few people that contact us want the cheapest roller shutters possible. This is fine, as we have roller shutters that are more cost effective than others. We do get people saying that our most cost effective shutters are a lot more expensive than quotes they have had from other companies.

Cheap Roller Shutters can be 'Cheap for a Reason'. We regularly get people contacting us that they have bought a roller shutter for a local company and they are having problems with it, it has broken down a few weeks after it was fitted or they can’t contact the supplier.

We know of people buying roller shutter parts and making roller shutters in their garage's at home. They don’t manufacture the shutters to any standards, they use cheap parts and in a lot of cases these shutters could be deemed Not Safe. This is why they are cheap!!

Our roller shutters may not be the cheapest on the market, but they are made within the UK, they comply with British Standards and are CE Marked to comply with safety regulations, manufactured under strict ISO quality control standards, tested for durability and come with a full 12 months warranty.

Below are some areas that some companies cut corners to Supply Cheap Roller Shutters;

CE MARKING – This is a safety standard that certifies that a product complies with strict British and EU Safety Standards. It involves manufacturers thoroughly designing, manufacturing and testing products to ensure they are safe to use.

The manufacturer will always CE Mark the Product to confirm it has been made to strict specifications and is safe for use. The installer must CE mark a product to certify that they have installed the product as per the manufacturers instructions and is safe for use.

It’s really important that when you buy any roller shutter, you check that its CE marked and the shutters are labelled with a CE marking label and you receive a Certification of Conformity from the installer.
TESTING – Our shutters are tested for durability and are tested for wind loading. This comes at a cost, but it means that we continue to develop and improve our products. You're not going to find a back street shutter supplier, carrying out testing.

We also have a range of Roller Shutters that have been independently Tested. The RA4 Compact Roller Shutter is tested and certified LPS1175 SR1. We have a Fire Rated Roller Shutter that has been tested and certified by Warrington Fire.

QUALITY CONTROL – We manufacture to high ISO Quality standards. We have strict guidelines and practices that guarantee that we make each roller shutter to the same high quality every time. We have Quality checks, to ensure that every product that leaves our factory is correct and made to our highest Standards.

MOTORS – You can buy electric tube motors for Roller Shutters very cheap, these are usually manufactured in China. They are usually made with cheap components and are not CE Marked, so don’t meet EU and British Safety Standards. We use a range of British, German, Italian and French motors, some of these motors come with a 5 Year Warranty. They are comply with strict EU Safety standards are well built. The other advantage is that if there is a problem, the issue can be resolved, you can’t do that with a Chinese motor.

CONTROLS - Again we see a lot of cheap Chinese imports of Switches and Remote Control Units. They may work, but we are sure they do not comply to EU safety standards. A common issue with Remote Control units is they are don’t have safety devices fitted, which could be a major issue.

A Safety Edge must be fitted to Remote Control Shutters by law. If the Shutter is closing and it hits something, then they stop. If you don’t have a Safety Edge fitted, then the shutter will continue to close and could potentially crush or kill someone.

ANTI DROP BRAKES - This is a legal requirement for electric roller shutters. This brake prevents the shutter dropping like a guillotine, if the motor fails. This costs around £65 ex VAT, but its an item that is easily excluded to reduce the cost of a roller shutter.

I hope this provides and insight on corners that some roller shutters companies cut, to provide cheap roller shutters. Security Direct provide a full range of commercial security products , If you need any help in selecting the right product and want to discuss your requirements further, then please call our technical support on 01482 889950.

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