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Electric Roller Shutters

Need an Electric Roller Shutter?   We have a large range of electric roller shutters to suit all applications.   

Did you know?

  • Most Roller Shutters can be electrically operated
  • Electric operation is not as expensive as people think
  • We recommend electric operation on openings larger than a single doorway
  • Electric roller shutters can span up to 12m wide!
  • Electric operation is user friendly and easy to operate
  • Large range of Tube Motors and Industrial motors to suit the application
  • Single (240V) and 3 Phase (415V) Motor options available
  • Electric roller shutters can be fitted with a large range of controls for your convenience 

Below are some of our most popular electric roller shutters.   If you need some help in selecting a product to suit your requirements then please contact our Sales Team.

Why choose the Lightweight Aluminium Roller Shutter?The RA2 is a Compact Lightweight Aluminium Roller Shutter.  It's ideal when Security is not the main requirement.  The RA2 uses a compact box and guides, providing a neat solution.  The 40mm high laths are insulated, providing Insula..
From only £198.00
Why use the Compact Aluminium Roller Shutter?The RA4 Roller Shutter is one of our most popular roller shutters, as it uses a compact shutter box and guides, providing a neat solution.  It also provides a high level of security, using a Twin Walled aluminium laths.  Ideal for Residential, C..
From only £268.00
Why choose the Compact Fire Roller Shutter?The compact Fire Shutter is ideal for smaller openings ie; Kitchen Serveries and Reception Counters.   The box is smaller, neat and compact because it uses a single phase tube motor, located inside the barrel.   The compact Fire SHutter ..
From only £1,138.00
Why use the Compact High Security Roller Shutter?The RA401 Compact HigH Security Aluminium Roller Shutter is ideal when Security is a priority.   Ideal for Residential, Commercial and Retail applications where Security and design are important.   The RA401 is based on our most po..
From only £730.00
Why choose the Commercial Metal Roller Shutters?The RS75 Commercial Metal Roller Shutter is the most popular shutter for Offices and Shops.   It's one of the most versatile and cost-effective types of roller shutters and goes up to 7m wide.  The 75mm curved galvanised steel laths, are..
From only £382.00
Why choose the Industrial Steel Roller Shutters?The Galvanised Steel Industrial Roller Shutters are the most popular shutters for industrial and Agricultural applications.   It's one of the most versatile and cost effective types of roller shutter and goes up to 7m wide and 7m high.  ..
From only £535.00
Why use the SeceuroGlide Classic Roller Garage Door?Since its launch as the first roller garage door designed specifically for trade specialists, SeceuroGlide Classic has maintained its position as market leader through continuous development and innovation.Manufactured from tough twin-walled alumin..
From only £772.00
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