Royal Mail - London

Royal Mail - London

Royal Mail - London have had Retractable Security Grilles fitted across loading bays.

The loading bay is used to store Trolleys and needs securing. Also, the old gate was broken and didn’t close properly.
Security Direct install roller shutters & industrial doors at a number of retail premises, giving business owners added peace of mind as well as an aesthetically pleasing product unobtrusive enough to reflect their brand.

This product is Strong, Secure and Galvanised for External use.

All of our businesses here in the UK share a common goal - to provide the best quality service to their consumers. In order to be able to do that, they all need security systems that they can depend on, to:

• Protect the premises
• Protect the business supplies
• Protect the fixtures and fitting
• Protect the staff from the risk of fire.

Whilst security is of prime importance, there are also the aesthetics to be taken into consideration. The last thing you want is to install fire doors and security grilles for businesses that make your establishment look unwelcoming to the consumers you actually want in your business space.

Service Statement

Even if customers are not sure exactly what they need, Security Direct Products Ltd can advise on the best products for them and ensure that the doors and shutters are fitted successfully.

Quality Statement

Security Direct Products Ltd offers the best-quality products at affordable prices. Whether yours is a small or a large premises, we are here to offer you the advice you require and the best possible product to create the best solution for you and your business.