Internal Counter, Bar and Servery

Bar servery roller shutters are a type of security shutter that is designed specifically for use in bars and serveries.

Our roller shutters for internal counter servery, also known as bar shutters, are a crucial element within commercial and institutional spaces, particularly in establishments where food service is central.

Not only do our shutters enhance security, efficiency, and aesthetics in the serving area, but when closed, they provide a robust barrier to protect the contents of the servery, including food, equipment, and supplies, safeguarding them from unauthorised access and potential contamination.

What are Bar Servery Roller Shutters?

Bar servery roller shutters are a type of security shutter that is designed specifically for use in bars and serveries. These shutters are typically made from aluminum or steel and are designed to provide a level of protection against theft while still allowing for easy access to the bar or servery area. Bar servery roller shutters can be customized to fit the specific needs of each business, with options for different colors, sizes, and locking mechanisms. They are also designed to be easy to operate, with options for manual or motorized opening and closing. In addition to providing security, bar servery roller shutters can also help to create a more inviting atmosphere by allowing customers to see the bar or servery area while still providing a barrier against unauthorized access. Overall, bar servery roller shutters are a practical and effective solution for bars and restaurants looking to enhance the security of their property without sacrificing visibility or ease of access.

For those considering installation options, we have a comprehensive guide comparing our Professional Roller Shutter Installation Service with DIY Supply Only solutions. This guide includes in-depth insights on the pros and cons of each approach, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your
requirements. Discover more about these options and decide which path suits you best by reading our detailed comparison.

What are the Benefits of Bar and Servery Shutters?

Bar and servery shutters are specialised roller shutters designed for use in bars, pubs, restaurants, and similar establishments. They serve several purposes and offer various benefits:

Security: Bar and servery shutters provide a secure barrier to protect the bar counter, liquor, equipment, and cash registers from theft and vandalism when the establishment is closed. This helps safeguard valuable assets.

Privacy: These shutters can be used to create a sense of privacy for the bar area when it's not in operation. This is especially useful for cleaning, restocking, or conducting maintenance without exposing the contents to patrons or passersby.

Noise control: Shutters can help contain noise from the bar area when it's closed, preventing disturbances to nearby residents or other parts of the establishment. This is particularly important in urban areas where noise regulations may apply.

Space optimisation: Bar and servery shutters roll up vertically, which saves space and allows for easy access to the bar counter when open. This space-saving design is ideal for establishments with limited floor space.

Customisation: These shutters come in various materials, colors, and finishes to match the decor and style of the bar. This customisation can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the space and contribute to the ambiance.

Quick operation: Many bar and servery shutters are equipped with motorised or manual mechanisms for quick and convenient opening and closing. This makes it easy for staff to transition between serving and closing times.

Overall, bar and servery shutters are a valuable addition to hospitality establishments, offering security, functionality, and design flexibility. They help create a safe and inviting environment for patrons while ensuring the bar's assets are protected when not in use.

Why buy Bar Servery Roller Shutters from Security Direct?

You have called last orders and the bar is closed, but there are still thirsty punters hanging around hoping for one last nightcap.

You need to confirm that the bar is shut and keep your wine bottles safe from tipsy customers but how do you do this without standing behind the bar for the rest of the night?

This is simple with internal bar and counter shutters, which will not only signal that you are closed but will also protect your stock until you open again.

We have a lightweight bar and servery roller shutter, which is ideal when security is not a priority and you just want to close off the opening. There is a range of compact aluminium roller shutters which is ideal when there is limited headroom. We have a range of Vision Roller Shutters that are manufactured from Steel and Aluminium, this will depend on the size and security required.

There are 3 types of vision roller shutters; - Perforated (Small holes providing 18% Vision), Punched (Slots providing up to 58% vision) and Grille (Port Cullis providing up to 80% vision).

The vision shutters are available in a large range of BS or RAL colours. We have a large range of shutter controls from Individual operation, Remote Control and Group operation.

Contact our sales team today, with your bar shutter or servery requirements and we can help specify a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Top 5 Questions asked when buying bar servery roller shutters.

Here are the top 5 questions and answers to consider when buying a bar servery shutters:

1. What size of bar servery shutter do I need?

- The size of the bar server shutter you need will depend on the size of the opening you want to cover. Measure the width and height of the area to be covered, and choose a shutter that fits those dimensions.

2. What material should I choose for my bar server shutter?

- Bar servery shutters are typically made from materials such as steel and aluminium. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to consider factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal when making your choice.

3. How should I install my bar server shutter?

- Installation methods for bar servery shutters vary depending on the type of shutter and the location of the opening. Some shutters are designed to be mounted within the opening, while others are mounted on the outside. Make sure to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing your shutter to ensure proper fit and function.

4. Can my bar servery shutter be customised to match my decor?

- Many of our Bar Servery shutters offer a variety of customisation options, including vision, controls and finish options.

5. How do I maintain my bar servery shutter?

- Proper maintenance will depend on the material of your shutter. Aluminum and Steel shutters are typically more durable and require less maintenance, but may still benefit from occasional cleaning to remove dirt and debris. Consult the manufacturer's instructions or a professional installer for specific maintenance recommendations.

These are just a few examples of the questions that people may have when considering purchasing bar servery roller shutters. Other factors to consider may include the cost, the level of insulation provided, and the overall aesthetic appearance of the shutters. It's important to do your research and ask any questions you may have to ensure that you choose the right roller shutters for your business needs.

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