FD30 Fire Doors | Fire Doors | Fire Rated Doors

Our FD30 doors are a critical component of building safety, designed to provide crucial protection in the event of a fire. These doors are constructed to withstand fire and smoke for up to 30 minutes, allowing occupants valuable time to evacuate a building and for firefighters to contain the blaze. Equipped with fire-resistant materials and specialised seals our, FD30 fire doors effectively compartmentalise flames and prevent the rapid spread of smoke and heat. Their role is particularly crucial in areas where fire risks are higher, such as escape routes and corridors. By adhering to stringent fire safety standards, our FD30 fire doors play an indispensable role in safeguarding lives and property, making them an essential consideration in any building's design and construction.

FD30 Fire Doors | Fire Doors | Fire Rated Doors

What is an FD30 Fire Door

FD30 fire doors are an important safety feature within properties as they are designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke. FD30 means that the fire door has a 30-minute fire resistance rating, showing it has been tested to prevent the spread of fire and smoke between different rooms of a building for 30 minutes. These fire-rated doors are rigorously tested against fires to ensure they meet the necessary fire standards. We offer both internal and external FD30 fire doors, ensuring all areas of your building can be protected.

Why use FD30 Fire Doors

30-minute fire doors can help protect both your building and the people within your building. They add that extra layer of safety for your property, giving you peace of mind. Our internal and external FD30 fire doors help to support the quick evacuation of any occupants within your building and help to lessen any damage done to your property. They can help to reduce the growth of any accidental fires so a fires destructive capabilities are significantly minimised. We offer a variety of fire door colours and styles, allowing your FD30 fire door to blend seamlessly in with the aesthetic of your room.

When do I need an FD30 fire door?

FD30 fire doors are suitable for a range of building types, such as homes and offices. They are a flexible style of door that work in both residential and commercial properties. Fire doors offer 30 minutes of protection against the spread of fire, making them perfect for smaller buildings, where people can quickly evacuate. Larger buildings may be better suited to FD60 fire doors. FD30 fire doors can also help your building meet fire safety regulations, due to them reducing the risk of a large fire.