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Ultra Compact Roller Shutter

Ultra Compact Roller Shutter
Ultra Compact Roller Shutter
Ultra Compact Roller Shutter
Ultra Compact Roller Shutter
Ultra Compact Roller Shutter
Ultra Compact Roller Shutter
Ultra Compact Roller Shutter
Ultra Compact Roller Shutter
Ultra Compact Roller Shutter
Ultra Compact Roller Shutter
Ultra Compact Roller Shutter

Why choose the Ultra Compact Roller Shutter?

The Ultra Compact Roller Shutter uses a 25% smaller shutter box housing, compared to any Roller Shutter.  The very small box measuring just 165mm up to a height of 2.5m!!  Before the Ultra Compact Shutter, the smallest shutter box on a height of 2.5m was 205mm, with the  saving 40mm headroom.   This can make a big difference when headroom is limited.    The Ultra Compact Roller Shutter is available with Solid or Perforated lath profiles, which can mixed to provide security and vision.   Tested up to 6m wide at Wind Class 5, which resists wind speeds up to 114mph. 

As standard the product is High Security, but if you are for something more secure then the Vortex version which is Independently tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 Issue 8 B3 - Certified for Installation Internal and Externally.   This is a Secured By Design product, which is a Police and Insurance preferred specification.   

The Ultra Compact Roller Shutter is available Electrically operated.   It can be operated using a Single Phase Tube Motor, Single or 3 Phase Industrial Motors.  Available with numerous control option variants such as group, remote or mobile phone activation.

The Ultra Compact Security Shutter is finished in White and Anthracite Grey as standard.   The shutter can be Powder Coated any BS or RAL colour to match your colour scheme. 

CriteriaUltra Compact
Key Features
ApplicationDomestic. Commercial, Retail, Bars and Serveries
Secured By DesignYes
Product RatingHigh
Lath TypesSolid or Perforated
OperationElectric - Tube Motors
Max Width4000mm (Depending on Height)
Max Height - Electric3600mm (Depending on Width)
Box & Guides - Standard FinishWhite, Silver, Anthracite Grey
Curtain - Standard FinishWhite, Silver, Anthracite Grey
Lead Times20 working days

The Ultra Compact Roller Shutters uses Single Skin Aluminium Laths, available Solid or Perforated.   The subtle differences in lath sizes means it produces a shutter with the tightest nesting available, resulting in the world's smallest shutter box. The 150 mm box size will house a shutter up to 1.7 m tall, whereas the largest Ultra Compact shutter box is just 205 mm and will house a 3.6 m shutter.


Roll formed Aluminium in two sections; top and bottom boxes.  Bottom Box removable for installation and maintenance and is chamfered at 45o.  The shutter box is assembled on steel endplates.

 Box Sizes
Overall Shutter height (including the box)
1700 mm  -   150 mm box
2500 mm  -   165 mm box
3000 mm  -   180 mm box

3600 mm  -   205 mm box

For smaller openings, you can have Manual Spring and Lock operation.  For low usage applications, we can use a single phase tube motor which is neatly fitted inside the shutter barrel.  

For larger openings and higher usage Roller Shutters, we use Single (240V) or 3 Phase (415V) Industrial Motors.   These motors are designed for medium to high usage.  

Where possible we use the Direct Drive motors that are bolted onto the endplates.  The Direct Drive motors are Heavier Duty, more reliable and operate quicker.   As standard, all Industrial Motors come with a Chain Override and Internal Push Button Station.  They come with a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

We mainly use GFA motors as they are German made, very reliable and easy to maintain.   GFA 3 Phase motors are very Heavy Duty, they allow from 10 to 40 operation per hour and they also operate at a high RPM.  As standard the motors come with a Chain Override.    
We can get a 3 phase motor to suit most requirements, including High Usage and High Speed.  All GFA motors come with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

The X902 roller shutters come as standard with a Push Button Station for internal, non secure operation.  There is the option of External Key Switch, Keypads, Remote Control, Presence and Motion Detection for Vehicles/Pedestrians.   

We also have a large range of Safety Devices for the industrial doors, depending on the application. Options include Safety Edge, Photo Cells, Light Grilles, Trap Sensors and Lazer Sensors.


    From only £700.00 Based on 1000mm x 1000mm
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