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Agricultural Roller Shutter Doors

Do you need a Roller Shutter for your Farm Buildings, Sheds , Tractor Stores or Grain Stores?   Security Direct has a large range of agricultural roller shutters that would suit your needs.    Our agricultural roller doors can be used for barn doors to secure valuable equipment or protect grain and livestock from the elements.

We have a large range of shutters to suit your requirements and budget.  Everything from basic steel shutter doors up to High-Security Insurance approved doors.   The doors can be operated by a manual chain, where power is not available or for ease of use the doors can be electrically operated.   Some of our agricultural roller doors can span up to 12m wide, covering even the largest of agricultural buildings.  Are you in a windy area?  Not a problem, we have a range of wind rated roller shutters that have been tested to different wind loadings. 

We can offer you trade prices if you want to install the doors yourself and we can help you through the process.   If you want your new agricultural door fitting, then it's not a problem as we have our own professional installation teams around the UK.  

Whatever questions you have about our roller shutters. Call our sales team today, with your requirements and we can help specify a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Why choose the Industrial Steel Roller Shutters?The Galvanised Steel Industrial Roller Shutters are the most popular shutters for industrial and Agricultural applications.   It's one of the most versatile and cost effective types of roller shutter and goes up to 7m wide and 7m high.  ..
From only £535.00
Why choose the High Security Metal Roller Shutter?The RS7501 High Security Metal Roller Shutter is based on the Commercial Metal Shutter with some added security features and is ideal where a higher level of security is required.  It uses the galvanised steel curtain, Box and Guides.  &nbs..
From only £566.00
Why choose the High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Doors?Our High Speed Industrial Roller Shutters Doors are ideal when you are trying to reduce heat loss with a high volume of traffic going through the door.  The advantage of a High Speed Shutter over a High Speed Curtain, is the shutter can ..
From only £2,983.00
Why choose the Insulated Industrial Roller Shutter Doors?The Insulated Roller Shutters Doors are ideal when you need Heat or Sound Insulation.  The laths are manufactured using a Twin Walled steel lath, with insulation between the skins.   The insulation laths provide a higher level o..
From only £1,406.00
Why use the High Security Industrial Roller Shutter Doors?The RS7502 High Security Industrial Roller Shutter Door is based on the popular Steel Industrial Door, but has added features for higher risk applications.  Ideal for Warehouse Doors, Industrial Units, Loading Bays, Shopping Centres and&..
From only £1,500.00
Why choose the Manul Chain Operated Roller Shutters?The Manual Chain Operated Steel Roller Shutters are used when there is no power available on site.   This is ideal for remote locations or Agricultural applications.  It's one of the most versatile and cost effective types of roller ..
From only £1,221.00
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