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Waitrose Shop Roller Shutters At Service Stations

Several Waitrose Sites within Motorway Service Stations have had Punched & Glazed Roller Shutters fitted across the entrance.

The services are open 24hrs, the store is not open 24hrs, so it's to close off the shop out of hours. Meaning that the customers can still see what the shop has to offer when it is closed, whilst keeping the venue secure.

This  shop shutters product provides vision and has the Polycarbonate Inserts for added security.

Waitrose signed a contract with Welcome Break in 2009 to grow their business into this sector. With service stations becoming more high end this market has grown dramatically in the last few years.

Security Direct install roller shutters & industrial doors at a number of retail premises, giving business owners added peace of mind as well as an aesthetically pleasing product unobtrusive enough to reflect their brand through.

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Even if customers are not sure exactly what they need, Security Direct Products Ltd can advise on the best products for them and ensure that the doors and shutters are fitted successfully. 

Quality Statement

Security Direct Products Ltd offers the best-quality products at affordable prices. Whether yours is a small or a large premises, we are here to offer you the advice you require and the best possible product to create the best solution for you and your business.

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