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Tube & Link Bar Servery Roller Shutter - 75% Vision

Tube & Link Bar Servery Roller Shutter - 75% Vision
Tube & Link Bar Servery Roller Shutter - 75% Vision
Tube & Link Bar Servery Roller Shutter - 75% Vision
Tube & Link Bar Servery Roller Shutter - 75% Vision
Tube & Link Bar Servery Roller Shutter - 75% Vision
Tube & Link Bar Servery Roller Shutter - 75% Vision
Tube & Link Bar Servery Roller Shutter - 75% Vision
Tube & Link Bar Servery Roller Shutter - 75% Vision
Tube & Link Bar Servery Roller Shutter - 75% Vision

Why use the Tube & Link Bar Servery Shutters?

The Tube & Link Shutters are were an old favourite for Bar Shutters, as it provides 75% vision.  The shutter curtain is made up of lots of 8mm rods, 13mm Tubes and Links, which makes it labour intensive to manufacture, which increases the cost and lead times.  Due to the way the curtain is constructed, the curtain does flex, so its not recommended for external use.  The standard curtain configuration is "In Line" with 111mm x 69mm spacing.  The curtain is available as a Brick Bond configuration which has 222m x 69mm spacing.

The Tube & Link Bar Servery Shutter is only available electrically operated.  It can be operated using a Single Phase Tube Motor with a Toggle or Key Switch.  For larger openings we can use a 3 Phase Direct Drive motor with a push button station.Both tubular & outboard motors have numerous control option variants such as group, remote or mobile phone activation

The Tube & Link bar servery shutter curtain comes Mill finish as standard and the option of Anodised Silver or Powder Coated at en extra cost.  The Box and Guides come as standard in Galvanised finish.   The shutter can be Powder Coated any BS or RAL colour to match your colour scheme. 

Key Features
ApplicationCommercial, retail, Bar and Serveries
Product RatingLow to Medium
MaterialSteel and Aluminium
Lath TypesGrille - 75% Vision
Electric OperationSingle and 3 Phase
Max Width7000mm (Depending on Height)
Max Height - Electric5000mm (Depending on Height)
Box & Guides - Standard FinishGalvanised
Curtain - Standard FinishMill
Lead Times20 working days

Constructed from a combination of Aluminium links and tubes.  

3 mm Galvanised Steel end plates are provided as standard.    

Shutter Hoods and Fascias are not provided as standard, but are available at an extra cost.   Hoods will be supplied in sleeved sections which will need to be joined on site during the installation.  Alternatively hoods can be supplied in one section up to 6 metres long but this will extend production time and delivery costs.   

Box Sizes Internal
Clear opening height (to underside of box).
250 mm - 450 mm
As this varies depending on the width, please contact us for the exact clear opening height for the particular width of shutter you require.



There are two types of Guide Rails  -  Standard "U" Channel, is provided as standard and comes is different sizes, depending on the size of the shutter.



The Tube & Link Shutter is only available electrically operated.  The options priced are shown on your quotation which also shows the method of operation we have included. This list shows possible options which would incur different costs.

      ELECTRIC  - (N.B. minimum shutter width 750mm) 

      Electric shutters are usually fitted on larger openings where 
      Manual Operation is not suitable or where the operator 
      requires an easy, clean and user friendly type of operation.  
      Single phase tubular motors are enclosed within the barrel 
      giving full protection from the elements.  Electric Roller 
      Shutters can be controlled individually or grouped to one 
                              controller.  The controllers available include internal rocker 
                              switch, security key switch or Remote Control.  Manual 
                              overrides are available on Electric Roller Shutters which 
                              allow the shutter to be operated when the power to the 
                              shutter has failed.

The standard finish is Galvanised/Mill finish.  

The Shutter can be Powder Coated one of our Stock Colours below.  Depending on the Band A, B or C will depend on the additional cost.


From only £798.00

Available Options

Available Options

Product InformationPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
Reveal Fix Guides
Face Fix Guides
TubeandLink Mill Finish-75% Vision
Reveal Fix Guides
Face Fix Guides
Toggle Switch
Keyed Switch +£45.00
Door Remote Control with Safety Edge +£200.00
Reveal Fix Box
Face Fix Box
Standard-Mill Aluminium-Finish
Internally Fitted
Standard-Brilliant White-RAL 9016
Standard-Brown-RAL 8014
Band A-Beige-RAL 1001 +£26.00
Band A-Oyster White-RAL 1013 +£26.00
Band A-Cream-RAL1015 +£26.00
Band A-Grey Beige-RAL 1019 +£26.00
Band A-Gentian Blue-RAL 5010 +£26.00
Band A-Light Blue-RAL 5012 +£26.00
Band A-Moss Green-RAL 6005 +£26.00
Band A-Iron Grey-RAL 7011 +£26.00
Band A-Anthracite-RAL 7016 +£26.00
Band A-Graphite Grey-RAL 7024 +£26.00
Band A-Pale Grey-RAL 7035 +£26.00
Band A-Agate Grey-RAL 7038 +£26.00
Band A-Chestnut Brown-RAL 8015 +£26.00
Band A-Chocolate Brown-RAL 8017 +£26.00
Band A-Grey White-RAL 9002 +£26.00
Band A-Black-RAL9005 +£26.00
Band A-White-RAL 9010 +£26.00
Band A-Graphite Black-RAL 9011 +£26.00
Band A-Traffic Black-RAL 9017 +£26.00
Band A-Grey Goose-RAL 00A005 +£26.00
Band A-Brown-BS 0BB29 +£26.00
Band B-Sand Yellow-RAL 1002 +£33.00
Band B-Ivory-RAL 1014 +£33.00
Band B-Olive Yellow-RAL 1020 +£33.00
Band B-Oxide Red-RAL 3009 +£33.00
Band B-Royal Blue-RAL 5002 +£33.00
Band B-Signal Blue-RAL 5005 +£33.00
Band B-Grey Blue-RAL 5008 +£33.00
Band B-Navy Blue-RAL 5011 +£33.00
Band B-Pigeon Blue-RAL 5014 +£33.00
Band B-Pale Blue-RAL 5015 +£33.00
Band B-Water Blue-RAL 5021 +£33.00
Band B-Fir Green-RAL 6009 +£33.00
Band B-Pale Green-RAL 6021 +£33.00
Band B-Dark Grey-RAL 7015 +£33.00
Band B-Silk Grey-RAL 7044 +£33.00
Band B-Pale Grey-RAL 7047 +£33.00
Band B-Ochre Brown-RAL 8001 +£33.00
Band B-Clay Brown-RAL 8003 +£33.00
Band B-Red Brown-RAL 8012 +£33.00
Band B-Mahogany-RAL 8016 +£33.00
Band B-Off White-RAL 9003 +£33.00
Band B-Signal Black-RAL 9004 +£33.00
Band B-Papyrus White-RAL 9018 +£33.00
Band C-Green Beige-RAL 1000 +£40.00
Band C-Dafodil Yellow-RAL 1007 +£40.00
Band C-Lemon Yellow-RAL 1012 +£40.00
Band C-Yellow-RAL 1018 +£40.00
Band C-Signal Change-RAL 2010 +£40.00
Band C-Dark Red-RAL 3011 +£40.00
Band C-Traffic Red-RAL 3020 +£40.00
Band C-Dark Blue-RAL 5003 +£40.00
Band C-Capri Blue-RAL 5019 +£40.00
Band C-Ocean Blue-RAL 5020 +£40.00
Band C-Night Blue-RAL 5022 +£40.00
Band C-Distant Blue-RAL 5023 +£40.00
Band C-Leaf Green-RAL 6002 +£40.00
Band C-Roseda Green-RAL 6011 +£40.00
Band C-Black Olive-RAL 6015 +£40.00
Band C-May Green-RAL 6017 +£40.00
Band C-Mint Turquoise-RAL 6033 +£40.00
Band C-Telegrey-RAL 7046 +£40.00
Band C-Copper Brown-RAL 8004 +£40.00
Band C-Olive Brown-RAL 8008 +£40.00
Band C-Orange Brown-RAL 8023 +£40.00
Band C-Beige Brown-RAL 8024 +£40.00
Band C-Poppy Red-BS 04E53 +£40.00