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Kitchen Roller Shutter

25th March 2021

Are you looking for a Roller Shutter for your Kitchen Servery?

Our sales team gets regular calls asking for advice on Roller Shutters for Kitchen Serveries. The big question we ask our customers, "Do you need the Roller Shutter Fire Rated or Non Fire Rated?" This question can only be answered by an Architect, Building Control or a Fire Officer. There are strict guidelines which determine if the shutter needs to be fire rated and requires the expertise of these people, to decide on the requirements and sign them off.

It is worth checking, as you don't want to waste your money. If you fit a normal shutter and it turns out that it needs to be fire rated then you will have to remove the shutter and fit a fire shutter. If you fit a Fire Shutter and you don't need one, then you will be wasting your money, as Fire Shutters are more expensive.


When a Non Fire Rated Roller Shutter is required, we quote for a Lightweight Roller Shutter, as it's only to close off the serving hatch and is not for security. This Lightweight Kitchen Shutter uses a compact Aluminum Box and Guides, which makes it a neat option. The shutter can be manually operated for smaller openings or can be electric for larger openings. The roller shutters tend to be fitted on the inside of the Kitchen Servery, so only the shutter curtain is seen from the public side. The Lightweight Aluminum Roller Shutter is usually the most cost effective roller shutter for Kitchen Serveries. The shutter also comes Powder Coated White, Cream or Brown as standard, which usually fits in well with Kitchen colour schemes.

If you require a roller shutter that is non fire rated, but will provide a bit more security then we have the Compact Security Roller Shutters, which uses the same compact box and guides as the Lightweight roller shutter, but has heavier duty slat. The compact aluminium roller shutter is also available with Solid Slats or if you require some vision then Perforated Slats (Small Holes) and Punched (Slots).


Fire Shutters are designed to stop the spread of fire, so usually, they close in a fire situation. They are electrically operated and can be used on a daily basis for security. Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters are CE marked and have been independently tested and certified by Exova to Fire Standards BS EN 13241 and BS EN 16034. CLICK HERE to read more information on the fire regulations that came into place in November 2019.

PLEASE NOTE;- Under the new testing requirements, Fire Shutters can only be fitted to 6mm thick steel or masonry. They can no longer be certified if installed to stud walls.

If a Fire Rated Roller Shutter has been specified, then we tend to quote the Compact Fire Rated Roller Shutter . The compact fire shutter uses a small shutter box, which makes it a neat solution. We have it tested to 30mins, 60mins, 120mins and 240mins, depending on the site requirements. The Compact Fire Shutter comes electrically operated as standard , which means that it can be operated on a daily basis. It can also be connected into a Fire Alarm for automatic closing. Under the new regulations, these fire shutters come as standard with a Battery Backup, Manual Override and Manual Override. Additional options include Powder Coating, Audio Visual Warning Panels and Emergency Escape buttons.

We can provide the Industrial Fire Shutters with Fusible Links which can be manually operated or electrically operated using a fusible link. The downside with a Manual Fire Shutters, is they can't be used on a daily basis, they are designed to stay in the up position at all times and only closes on fire activation. The industrial fire shutters use an industrial motor, which means that you get a very large shutter box, even for small openings. The motors come as standard with a Chain Override. The industrial shutters come as standard with a Fusible Link (melts when it gets too hot and releases the motor brake) and a Solenoid release which connects into the fire alarm. Additional options include Powder Coating and Audio Visual Warning Panels.


We can also provide Fire Curtains for Kitchen Serveries. It is rare to fit these on a Kitchen Servery, as a Fire Curtain is designed to be in the up position at all times, it only drops in the event of a fire activation. The fire curtains cannot be used on a daily basis, only in the event of a fire. The fire curtains use a material fabric, which means that is coils up very small, a bit like a roller blind. They are electrically operated and come with a Fire Alarm relay as standard. Fire curtains fail safe automatically, if the power fails, they close automatically. We have the normal Fire Curtain, Fire and Smoke Curtains and the new ResQ Window Fire Curtain.

If you want advice, quotes or any further information then please Contact Us.

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