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Optimising Kitchen Servery Roller Shutters: Choosing Between Fire Rated and Non-Fire Rated Options

25th March 2021

Understanding Your Needs for Kitchen Servery Roller Shutters

When considering the installation of roller shutters for kitchen serveries, one of the first decisions is whether you need a fire-rated or non-fire-rated shutter. This choice is crucial and often requires guidance from a professional such as an architect, building control officer, or fire officer. These experts can help determine if your installation needs to meet specific fire safety standards based on strict guidelines.

The Cost of Getting It Wrong

Installing the incorrect type of roller shutter can be costly. If a non-fire-rated shutter is installed where a fire-rated one is required, you'll face the expense of replacing it with a compliant one. Conversely, opting for a fire-rated shutter unnecessarily can also lead to higher costs due to the price difference.

Options for Non-Fire Rated Kitchen Roller Shutters

For scenarios where fire rating is not a requirement, our lightweight servery shutters are an ideal choice. These shutters are primarily used to close off serving hatches and are not intended for high-security use. Our lightweight shutters are made from a compact aluminum box and guides, providing a neat and tidy installation that only shows the shutter curtain from the public side.

If slightly more security is necessary, our Compact Servery Shutters offer a robust solution with the same compact design but feature heavier-duty slats. These can be solid for maximum privacy or perforated to allow limited visibility.

Choosing Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters are essential for enhancing safety by preventing the spread of fire. These shutters are electrically operated and can be used daily for both safety and security. They are CE marked and adhere to BS EN 13241 and BS EN 16034 standards, providing documented assurance of their reliability and effectiveness in fire situations. Recent regulations mandate that fire shutters must be installed on surfaces of adequate strength, such as 6mm thick steel or masonry.

Compact options for fire-rated shutters are available, which include features such as battery backups, manual overrides, and connections to fire alarms for automatic closing during emergencies. These compact fire shutters offer durability and compliance with a neat installation footprint.

Fire Curtains: An Alternative Solution

In addition to traditional shutters, we offer Fire Curtains specifically designed for kitchen serveries. These are less common but highly effective in emergency situations, functioning similarly to a roller blind that deploys automatically in the event of a fire. They are designed to remain hidden until activated by a fire alarm system, making them a discreet choice for fire protection.

Get Expert Advice and More Information

For personalised advice, detailed quotes, or more information on our range of Kitchen Servery Roller Shutters and Fire Curtains, please contact us. Our team is ready to provide you with the solutions that best fit your requirements, ensuring safety, compliance, and aesthetic integrity for your kitchen servery space.

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