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Electric Roller Shutters

18th August 2018

How Do Electric Roller Shutters Work?

Roller shutters are a great way of providing your building with an extra layer of security as well as protecting it from the elements. In case you were wondering how exactly electric roller shutters work, here are the main parts, along with what they do:

Tubular Motor

The motor sits in the overhead barrel of the shutter. It operates the shutter and includes a brake which keeps the shutter locked in position when it reaches its uppermost point of opening.

Safety break

As well as an operational brake, a shutter also has a safety break. This brake is designed to halt the shutter’s fall during a motor failure so that it does not drop at a dangerous speed as a safety precaution.


This is the main part of the shutter and is normally made of steel or aluminium lath sections which overlap each other. The lower-most section of the curtain tend to be L-shaped or T-shaped in design in order to provide extra rigidity to the shutter as it comes into contact with the floor.


There are two vertical guides, one on each side of the shutter, which the curtain runs up and down, thus keeping the shutter in place. It is important that these are made of steel. Please do check if your supplier is using steel otherwise it may not improve your security at all.

End plates

These plates hold the roller shutter in place. They are secured to the property using appropriate fixings in order to be able to bear the full weight of the shutter and all its components.

Roller Shutter Guides

Some of our clients naturally also gain quotes from our competitors to price check the products that they are purchasing.

We have found on comparable quotes that in cheaper quotes the guides for the roller shutters are not made of steel and are in fact reinforced plastic.

In our opinion, this does not improve your security measures at all. This is not an insurance tested product either.

Please do check your quotes and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Even if it is just to check a quote you may have gotten from another supplier.

Visit our roller shutter page here

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