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Crime and Security Concerns During the COVID 19 Pandemic

2nd April 2021

During this unprecedented COVID19 crisis, the UK government has intensified its efforts to combat the spread of Coronavirus. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the strictest curbs on life in the UK during peacetime. This followed the adoption of emergency legislation to slow the spread of the virus, by getting people to work from home and only going out for essentials. With people working at home or self isolating to protect themselves or the vulnerable, this has meant that businesses have had to close.

Meanwhile, some businesses have experienced a run on their products, as consumers hoard. What originally began with toilet rolls, hand sanitisers and medicines such as paracetamol has now developed into the purchase of almost everything in sight. With so many people forced to remain home, the question is how this will affect the ability of criminals at all levels to conduct their business.

Factors that prompt changes in crime include:

  • High demand for certain goods, protective gear and pharmaceutical products;
  • Decreased mobility and flow of people
  • Workers remain at home and are increasingly working remotely, relying on digital solutions;
  • Limitations to public life will make some criminal activities less visible and displace them to home or online settings;
  • Increased anxiety and fear that may create vulnerability to exploitation;

History shows that when people start losing their jobs, we always see a sharp spike in burglaries. This was last seen in 2009 when the UK was in a recession. The Home Office project that the economic recession and rise in unemployment are likely to be accompanied by an increase in some types of crime, particularly involving theft of property and burglary. The 4% rise in burglary, including domestic burglary, last winter comes on top of a similar increase between July and September and marks the end of a sustained 55% decline in burglary since the mid-1990s.

We expect to see domestic burglaries reduce, whilst everyone is having to stay at home. We expect to see commercial crime increase, the longer businesses remain closed.


Cyber attacks are expected to increase, due to people working from home. Organisations are usually secured, when people are operating inside the organisation. The problem is that more and more people are working from home, where things are not set up as secure ie; Firewalls. Staff members are working remotely on unprotected networks. They may be working on Laptops that are not updated with the latest security patches.

Social Engineering attacks will increase, as the thieves will prey on the vulnerable to extract information. If they are not sure about giving them information, they cant easily ask a colleague.

Malware Attacks are going to increase, as again the criminals are praying on the vulnerable. There will be lots of emails going out to millions of people, about FREE Loans and Grants. Emails that look like they come from HMRC, which take them to fraudulent websites. People are desperate as money and livelihood’s are vulnerable at the moment, so people will click on these adds in desperation. They click the links and it will either download Malware onto the computers or they will be redirected to a fake website where they enter their personal details.

We are not Cyber Security Specialists, but you can find more information on protecting yourself whilst working at home on the National Cyber Security Website.


Unfortunately, due to business been closed, businesses are left empty and usually filled with stock. This makes it easy pickings for the thieves, as there are fewer people around to see or disturb them. They also know that Police response times will be slower and there a fewer police on the streets.

Every day we are hearing stories that businesses are getting targeted. Pubs and Wine Shops are getting broken into, as they are fully stocked with Beer, Wine and Spirits which are becoming scarce in the supermarkets. We are helping our customers protect their bar areas with Bar and Servery Roller Shutters.

Offices and Schools are now closed, so they remain empty and may have valuable computers, so they become high risk. Factories and Warehouse, hold lots of valuable stock, which makes easy pickings for the thieves. We can help protect your vulnerable openings with the Security Grilles or Roller Shutters. For very high risk applications we have the Security Rated Products, which have been independently attack tested by the LPCB and are Secured By Design, which is the Police and Insurance preferred specification.

Smash and Grabs thefts are increasing. Retails shops are worried that their shop fronts are going to get broken into, so they are boarding them up as a temporary measure. For a long term solution, we offer our large range of Retail Roller Shutters. We have a range vision shutters so that that people can see the shop windows, even when the shop is closed. I have read a recent article by Grimsby Telegraph, who have done an article on this problem.

Security Direct can help you secure your property during these difficult times. We can also help you find a product to suit your current risk and budget at this time. If you need any help or advice in securing your business, contact our Sales Team today.

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