Kitchen Shutters

Internal shutters have become an essential part of security (and even physical safety) for many businesses in the catering field. This is especially important for bars and restaurants or cafes where the preparation areas are visible to the customer, as customer areas tend to be harder to secure.

Security & Safety in the Food Industry

A second line of security comes highly recommended. Our internal shutters are designed for bars , kitchens , and other serveries. We provide a variety of different options, from vision shutters through to the additional protection and safety of fire rated shutters.

As well as providing extra security against intruders while the business is otherwise occupied, they can also increase safety. A shutter provides an additional line of protection against someone injuring themselves in operating a dumbwaiter if the kitchen is on a different level to the servers. This extra step adds significant safety to your day-to-day operations.

Fire rated shutters can also be vital in protecting areas of your business from fires starting elsewhere. This is obviously a very important consideration for businesses with kitchens, especially if insurance premiums are high. Rated products will tend to reduce the cost of insurance as it is clear steps are being taken to stay safe.

If you’re concerned about the security level of your kitchen, internal shutters could be exactly what you need. You might also benefit from heavyweight steel doors to food storage areas to reduce the amount of heat that reaches them, keeping your food fresher until it’s needed.

If you have any questions about your business security, or would like to get advice from the experts, please get in touch. Our sales team have years of experience with a wide range of industries and can suggest solutions from throughout their experience to suit your requirements.

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