Fire Rated Roller Shutters - 1-4hrs

Fire Rated Roller Shutters - 1-4hrs

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Fire Rated Roller Shutter is tested to 1, 2 and 4 Hour integrity.  Tested and Approved to British Standards.



Our Fire Shutters are available with a 1, 2 & 4 Hour integrity rating.  Tested and Approved to BS476:Part22:1987 and BS EN 1634-1:2008 the Fire Resistance Performance of Shutters.  The Fire Shutters are electrically operated, consisting of a Steel Curtain with Guide Rails on Steel angles. The shutter can be used as a security shutter on a daily basis and will automatically close when activated by a fire alarm or detector.    
Security Level
MEDIUM to HIGH Security  
Common Use
A popular choice for Kitchen Serveries, Store Cupboards, Reception Counters and Schools.
Benefit of Product
The Fire Shutter uses a tubular motor which allows for a more compact shutter box than traditional fire shutters.
Types of Operation
Galvanised Steel
Maximum Width
7000 mm 
Maximum Height
4600 mm
10 Kgs per square metre
Galvanised finish.  Powder Coating a BS or Ral Colours is available at an extra cost.
The standard Galvanised Steel Laths are Single skin with anti vandal wind locks.  

3mm Galvanised steel end plate with galvanised steel 3 side hood as standard.   Hoods will be supplied in sleeved sections which will need to be joined on site during the installation.  Alternatively hoods can be supplied in one section up to 6m long but this will extend production time and delivery costs.   Fascias and 2 sided hoods are available at no extra charge.
Box Sizes Internal
Clear opening height (to underside of box).
250 mm - 450 mm
As this varies dependant on the width, please contact us for the exact clear opening height for the particular width of shutter you require.
Box Sizes External
Clear opening height (to underside of box)
250 mm - 450 mm
As this varies dependant on the width, please contact us for the exact clear opening height for the particular width of shutter you require.
3mm thick galvanised steel channels 50mm or 65mm deep, depending upon the shutter width mounted on steel angles for fixing.



The Fire Shutter is ONLY available electrically operated using a tubular motor inside the barrel.  The Fire Shutter comes as standard with the following;

Battery Backup unit which allows the shutter to close when there is a power failure.

We have two Control Panels which allow the shutter to be connected to either a Fire Alarm or Independent Smoke/Heat Detector.   The Fire Control Panel provides an Audio and Visual warning to when the shutter is closing.   The panels both have the facility to have a timed delay of closure from when the alarm/detector is activated.

STANDARD PANEL -  Features includes Integral Battery Backup, controlled descent in the event of a Fire Alarm signal and ability to activate through localised heat and smoke detectors.

DELUXE PANEL -   The advanced control option provides all the benefits of the standard panel but also offers staged closing and opening of the shutter when the fire alarm is activated with the auto close facility.   The advanced panel also includes an LCD diagnostic screen inside the panel.



Our Standard finish is Galvanised.  We can powder coat the Curtain, Box and Guides any of the colours below at an extra cost.


We also carry a large of other colours in stock, but they are charged an extra cost by the m2.   If you require a colour that is not in our stock range then we can buy the Colour in by the box which is £250 ex VAT per Box plus the cost for the powder coating.   Please find below our stock colours available;


Security Level - Medium to High Security

Medium to High Security for when you require a bit more security than just a physical barrier.

Product Benefits

Tested and Approved to Fire Standards BS476 and BS EN 1634


Kitchen Serveries, Reception Counters, Room Seperation, Stores

Sizes Available

ELECTRIC OPERATION -                                                         
WIDTH   -  1000mm - 7000mm            HEIGHT  -  750mm - 4600mm           

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