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Security Doors - LPS1175 Security Level 1

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Based on 800mm x 1900mm

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Domestic, Commercial, Retail, Industrial

Door Type

Available as Single, Leaf & Half or Double Dorsets

Security Rated

LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR1


Galvanised Steel

Locking Hardware

Personnel, Fire Exit

Standard Finish

Range of options available

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Why use the LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR1 Steel Security Doors?

When it comes to securing your property with top-tier protection, the LPS1175 Level 1 Security Rated Steel Doors from Security Direct are an ideal choice. Our Securidor+ S1 range is meticulously designed to meet the stringent standards of the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), ensuring your premises are safeguarded against unauthorized access and potential threats. These doors are particularly suitable for high-risk areas such as leisure facilities, schools, universities, housing association communal areas, and general retail outlets, where enhanced security is paramount.

The construction of our LPS1175 Level 1 Security Rated Steel Doors is robust and reliable. Each door leaf is made from 1.5mm galvanized steel on both the attack and inner faces, providing a 45mm thick composite structure that includes an astragal lip on the closing edge for additional security. The welded frame, reinforced at critical points such as the hinges and lock keeps, is crafted from 1.5mm galvanized steel, ensuring the door can withstand attempts at forced entry. With dimensions accommodating up to 1400mm in width and 3100mm in height for single doors, and up to 2800mm in width and 3100mm in height for double doors, these doors are versatile enough to fit a wide range of applications.

Our LPS1175 Level 1 Security Rated Steel Doors come with a variety of hardware options to meet specific security needs. You can choose from Exidor panic actuators and bolts, Nemef triple locksets, Zero sashlocks, and IDC security escutcheons, among others. These doors can also be fitted with solid or hinged over panels, which can be either fixed or removable, providing additional flexibility in design and functionality. The aluminium and Type H thresholds with neoprene seals ensure a secure and weatherproof fit, further enhancing the door's performance.

In addition to their security features, these doors are customizable in appearance to match the aesthetic of your building. Available in a wide range of powder-coated finishes from our selection of RAL or BS colors, they not only provide superior protection but also complement the overall design of your property. Certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175 SR1, these doors are also Secured by Design approved, providing an added layer of assurance in their quality and effectiveness.

In summary, Security Direct’s LPS1175 Level 1 Security Rated Steel Doors offer unmatched protection, robust construction, and versatile customization options. Certified to the highest security standards, these doors are the perfect solution for safeguarding high-risk areas. Trust Security Direct to deliver doors that combine security, durability, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your property remains secure and visually appealing.


The welded frame is made from reinforced 1.5mm galvanised steel and a 38mm x 100mm single rebated profile. It is reinforced at the hinges, lock keeps and fixing points.

Manufactured from 1.5mm galvanised attack face steel with 1.5mm inner face, the composite door leaf is 45mm thick with astragal lip to the closing edge. It weighs approximately 40kg per square metre.

Key Features
The range is certified to LPS1175 SR1, and fitted with a double hinge to top of door for additional strength. It also incorporates an anti leverage cover strip to closing edge of door leaf. The door-sets are also Secured by Design approved and are also available with solid over panels and hinged over panels which can be fixed, or removable.

Certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to LPS 1175 SR1 Issue 7 Cert/LPCB Ref. 1542a

Aluminium and Type H.

Choice of Exidor 301 Panic Actuator, Exidor 294A SD Panic Bolt available, an optional extra outside access device. Nemef Triple lockset, Zero Sashlock, Zero Nightlatch, IDC security Escutcheon. Flush Bolts or 12” Monkey Bolts to passive leaf. Keys and cylinders can be registered to eliminate the chance of key copying.

Wide choice of finishes available including powder coated finish from our range of RAL or BS colours.

Optional Extras
Door Viewer

Suitable Substrate
Structural timber or steelwork, blockwork or brickwork/ concrete blockwork.
Minimum Fixing Size - M6/No.12 .

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