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Industrial Sectional Doors

Industrial Sectional Doors
Industrial Sectional Doors
Industrial Sectional Doors
Industrial Sectional Doors
Industrial Sectional Doors
Industrial Sectional Doors
Industrial Sectional Doors
Industrial Sectional Doors
Industrial Sectional Doors

Why choose the Industrial Sectional Doors?

The Insulated Industrial Sectional Doors provide maximum Heat and Sound Insulation.   The panels of a Sectional Door are double the thickness of a  Roller Shutter lath.   The 42mm thick panels are made up of steel skins with insulation foam.   The option of a 67mm thick panel, provide maximum insulation, of up to 0.51 W/(m2K).   With the option of Wicket Door for access through the door, without the door been fully opened. We have a range of Track configuration and glazing panels to meet your requirements.

The Insulated Industrial Sectional Doors are available Manual Chain Operation, ideal when there is no power available.   We have a range of Motors available, which can be selected based on the Size of the Shutter and the usage the shutter will get on a daily basis.   The single phase industrial motor comes with a chain override and will provide several operations a day.   We then have a range of 3 Phase Motors, which are heavy duty and as standard will provide around 10-15 operations per hour.  The 3 Phase Motors are also available with High Speed and High Usage motor options.    We also have a large of controls and sensors, for example, Radar Sensors for Fork Lift Traffic, Traffic Lights and Safety devices.

The Insulated Industrial Sectional Doors Panels are available in a range of standard colours,   The tracks are Galvanised Finish as standard.   The shutters can be Powder Coated any BS or RAL colour to match your colour scheme.  
Key Features
ApplicationIndustrial, Warehouse
Product RatingHigh
Lath TypesInsulated Panels
Manual OperationChain Operated
Electric OperationSingle and 3 Phase
Max Width7000mm
Max Height - Manual4000mm (Depending on Width)
Max Height - Electric7000mm (Depending on Width)
Box & Guides - Standard FinishGalvanised
Curtain - Standard Finish10 Standard Colours

Insulated Foam Filled Steel Panels are available either with 42mm or 67mm thick, depending on the thermal insulation required.  Both panels are available in Stucco Textured or Microrain.
The inside of the panel is Grey White, RAL9002 and the external face is available in a range of 10 standard colours.

The 42mm thick panels are especially robust, offering good thermal insulation of 1.2 W/(m2K).

The 67mm thick panel with thermal break, you benefit from an excellent insulation value of up to 0.51 W/(m2K).  The thermal break between the exterior and interior of the steel sections also reduces the formation of condensation water on the inside of the door.

The Stucco texturing gives the door surface a uniform structure on which light scratches or traces of dirt are more difficult to see.

Micro grain features a smooth surface and characteristic fine lines.  The door surface finish harmonises especially well with modern facades.

    PANEL OPTIONS  - Glazing and Wicket Doors    

Whichever door type you have selected for your building: At Security Direct, you will find the track application to match your door. Depending on the building architecture and requirement, you can choose between standard and low headroom track applications, low headroom track applications or inclined track applications.

ThermoFrame optionally available for all industrial sectional doors

 Well-insulated industrial sectional doors are essential in heated buildings. This is why our industrial sectional doors come with an optional ThermoFrame frame connection with a thermal break between the frame and brickwork.

The lip seals on both door sides and the top section of the door provide additional insulation. This way you can decrease the thermal value by up to 21 %.

  • Thermal break between the frame and brickwork
  • Additional seals for improved tightness
  • Easy to fit along with the door frame
  • Optimum corrosion-protection of the side frame
  • Up to 21 % better thermal insulation with the SPU 67 Thermo industrial sectional door with a door surface of 3000 × 3000 mm

The Insulated Industrial Doors are available in Manual Chain Operation, Single (240V) or 3 Phase (415V) motors available.  This depends on the Size of the opening, the usage the door will be operated and if the shutter s face or reveal fixed.


CHAIN OPERATION  -   This is ideal when there is no power on site ie; agricultural buildings.  Chain operation is only available on the 77mm Insulated Lath and you are limited to the size of door it can operate.  Chain operation is usually more expensive than an electric operation.

SINGLE AND 3 PHASE MOTORS  -   We have a range of Single (240V) and 3 Phase (415V) motors.   The motor is selected depending on the Size of the Door, Operation per Hour, Operating Speed, Track Type and Room available for the motor. 


The inside of the panels is finished in RAL9002 Grey White.  The outside of the panels are available in 10 standard colours.  Other BS, RAL, NCS and many metallic colours are available at an extra cost and will increase lead times.


    From only £1,200.00 Based on 2000mm x 2000mm